1. pjcruiser's Avatar
    After update, WiFi connections only last one session. Then will not reconnect. I get a message at the bottom of the screen of "unable to save network". A restart temporarlly fixes the issue but one I leave one WiFi connection it will not reconnect to another. See screenshot attached. Thanks in advance.
    Attached Thumbnails Another VZW S3 wifi issue-screenshot_2014-02-05-15-42-27.png  
    02-05-2014 03:46 PM
  2. Sailmaker's Avatar
    Sorry, can't help you...I've never experienced this issue after the update. I did do a reset after the update and any minor annoyances (like battery life issue) went away. It's a pain doing a reset but I'd read somewhere that occasionally, after an OS upgrade a few settings or system files might be lurking around from the previous OS.
    02-05-2014 04:17 PM
  3. MrDoh's Avatar
    Second the idea of doing a full factory reset to clean out the old stuff that might now be causing you problems. Be sure to have stuff that you want to keep backed up, and re-enter your settings and bring your apps back manually to get the best benefit from your reset.
    02-05-2014 07:23 PM

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