1. qzmpal's Avatar
    I have SGS3 - SCH-I535.
    I have already made a mistake of flashinga Wrong ROM and Hard Bricking it. Sending it to Repair - JTAG and now, I got the Stock ROM 4.0.4 on my SGS3 after 10 Hours. Just because of a small File,

    So basically, I do not want to make my life hell once again.

    I want someone to suggest me some good ROM. But I have simple requirements.

    1. Simple, Clean, no Bloatware, or Extra crap, from Verizon or Samsung.
    3. IN BUILT WIFI TETHERING APP, - I have Unl.Data Plan. So I want to use it, for tethering on my ipad.
    4. Please suggest me a Link or a Thread or a Site.

    P.S: My Phone is just like, out of hte box when it was first released with Verizon around 2 Years back. No Rooting, No updates or Nothing.

    SINCE I ALREAD F'ed up once, I don't want to take the same risk once again. So, kindly need the guidance of the experts, who have been using LATEST GREATEST SUPER FAST ROMS.

    I will be using my Verizon Unlimited Data Plan SIM card and my Straight Talk 1 Year T-Mobile SIM Card in this Phone.
    With Straight Talk, I will get only 2G speeds. But, thats OK. I will move my Verizon Unl. SIM to my Jetpack, and I get 4G LTE Speeds via Wifi.

    Si kindly help me guys. Thank You for Your interest.
    03-01-2014 08:41 AM
  2. AndroidProf's Avatar
    I don't know where you got your last ROM but quite honestly, you should think about trying out the latest ROMs from CyanogenMod, or from Paranoid Android (you can also try out the ROMs by OmniROM). They usually have no bloatwares and are renowned for their speed. Some of their ROMs might not have the USB tether link you require, however you can easily obtain that via some specific apps. Also, if these ROMs aren't something you are looking forward to, I suggest you go to XDA Developers and look at the ROMs suggested by their top developers (in the SGS3 section of course). Only think about trying the ROMs which have been tested and without bugs (read a bit of their forums). I would have provided you with the proper links but it is against the rules of this forum.
    03-02-2014 06:34 AM

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