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    the other day my phone just froze and turned of. i turned it on and it stood at the Samsung logo screen. and after taking out the battery and trying again it would not turn on at all. does not go into download mode or any of that. phone is not rooted.plugged in phone for a while still does not turn on. although when i take out the battery and put plug it in the little led light goes on but no screen. tried different batteries and doe not work. plug it into the laptop and it does not recognize the phone and it says drivers not installed. and it says QHSUSB_DLOAD is there any way i can do something to keep my data? that's all i care about the stuff in there unfortunately i did not have an SD card also heard of the little jig or Jtag fix would that work? let me know thanks! also it sounds like something little might be loose inside.
    04-13-2014 09:45 PM

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