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    What is Security Storage and why does it use so much battery?

    Posted from my VZW GALAXY S3
    06-03-2014 12:30 PM
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    No clue - I can't find anything similar on my phone. Do you have an app by that name?

    In the Battery view select that item and when it opens select the 'App info' button, which should take you to the detailed information for that app.

    You could try booting into Safe mode http://support.verizonwireless.com/s...ase.html/59242 and if the problem goes away then you know it's a 3rd party application causing your issue.

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    06-03-2014 05:30 PM
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    A quick Google search reveals:

    December 12th, 2012, 07:55 PM #7 (permalink)
    Default android.providers.internal.security
    Cilraaz is right. It is a core service that comes on some newer Android phones from some providers, but not all, and that it is designed to speed things up and handle secure read and writes. It helps keep rogue apps from accessing personal data in the phone. It has access to about everything along with a couple of other service processes. It came on my Galaxy SIII. Other configurations of the SIII handle this in other ways. It doesn't have much effect on battery life on the Galaxy. It is best to not disable it if it is on there and don't worry about it if it is not.
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    06-03-2014 06:04 PM

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