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    Anyone suggest a sound profile app I can use to force on off the vibrate regardless what's set in my apps?

    I've tried a slew of Sound apps to turn up or down my volumes for Ringer, Alarms, Notifications etc... but none seem to be able to control or override Vibration settings on the HTC One.

    If I'm inside I want a quiet phone without vibrate .. if I'm out walking around I want a loud phone with vibrate on. I've found apps that make my phone quieter or louder based on schedules or geofencing but the vibrate refuses to budge. If I have vibrate "on" in my apps (like mail or text) I can't force the vibrate OFF when Quiet. But if I have vibrate "off" in my mail or text apps I can't force the vibrate ON when Loud. I've tried this with a bunch of email apps and a bunch of text apps thinking the apps were the culprit. Same lack of control.

    I see there are "just" vibrate widgets but then I really want a sound profile app with Vibration control, otherwise then I'm toggling Vibration manually throughout the day and that will just get old.

    02-16-2014 01:49 PM

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