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    I get voice mails from work emailed to me as .wav file attachments. When I open it from the email, the stock music player plays the file. But when I'm listening to it, if any part of my ear or cheek touches the screen, it will stop playing. So I have been trying to figure out how to either change the default player for .wav files being played from the stock mail program or to prevent the screen from reacting when the file is playing. Changing the default music player only works if I play the file outside of the email program from the Download folder, but I prefer to play it right from the email. Thanks.

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    03-12-2014 07:27 AM
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    So when you open the email and click on the attachment it opens and the first time asked you what program to use and you defaulted to the stock player, or something along those lines correct? Now when the file plays it opens a mini player or the full player? I ask this because with the full player I've not heard the sound only come out as it would if you were talking on the phone, it should come out as music would. Now you could lower the volume and listen that way but even so you should be able to press the power button to disable the screen and listen that way. With the mini player I'm not sure if you can put the screen to sleep without stopping the playback, but I would imagine that you could. There is no way that I can think of to have the stock player act as the phone would when you are on a call and use the sensor to put the screen to sleep.

    Alternately I'm wondering if you could maybe use Google Voice instead? Google Voice once setup will transcribe your voicemail and will send you an email and if you have the app installed on your device will also put a notification on your device. With that you can usually read the message, which is sometimes much funnier than autocorrect, and/or listen to the message. Using the Voice app it will cause the screen to react just as it would if you were on a call or you can play it through speakers.
    03-18-2014 07:30 AM
  3. legaldeejay's Avatar
    I found an app called WavPlayer which solved this. You can set it as the default player for playing voice mail attachments and will continue playing even if you touch the screen.
    03-19-2014 11:46 PM

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