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    Wondering if someone (hopefully more than one) can check something to see if this is an issue with my particular phone or something related to the software/hardware. It seems that when a call is placed or received, the proximity sensor goes to "far" and won't reset until it is uncovered and then re-covered. I have searched through the Verizon HTC One forums and have not found anything related to this issue.

    If the proximity sensor is covered, and I make a call (via bluetooth headset (double click for last dialed)) or receive a call, the proximity sensor goes to the uncovered state. It then stays in that state until I uncover and then re-cover it. How I checked this was using Elixir 2 and checking the sensor data. I also set up variables in Tasker and Automagic.

    So, this was my test procedure:
    I start the sensor data in Elixir 2 for the proximity sensor. I cover the sensor with my finger (it now shows "near"). I use my bluetooth headset to place a call. The screen comes on with the current call. I back out of the current screen (the phone screen) and get back to Elixir 2 sensor data. The sensor now shows "far". From that point on, until I uncover the proximity sensor and then cover it, it shows far. I set up variables in Tasker and Automagic that show the same results.

    I am running the stock debloated ROM. Rooted and S-Off.


    So, this is the latest for my issue. I went from stock ROM to ViperOne 5.8.0. I am still getting the same results. So, I think I have eliminated the software side of it. Would that be right? So, it could be the firmware or the hardware? I'm still wondering if it's my phone only or if it is an issue with the HTC One in general. Is there anyone that can check this? Or give me another route to take?

    I'm on ViperOne 5.8.0
    Android 4.4.2
    Senses 5.5

    Any other info you might need, please just ask.
    04-11-2014 05:58 PM
  2. VidJunky's Avatar
    I'm not rooted and so I can't speak directly to your issue however just as a guess I'd say that perhaps it sees the initiation of a call as an event that would require the phone to be awake for and therefore assumes that even if the sensor is blocked it can't be do to the action. Thus requiring you to uncover and recover the sensor for the screen to sleep. What you may try is making a bluetooh call in car mode and seeing if the result is the same. Why would they be different? I'm not sure but it seems reasonable that it could view that action differently due to the change in modes.
    04-15-2014 10:45 AM

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