11-20-2011 12:52 PM
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  1. seyhee0919's Avatar
    For anyone interested, the verge just posted a review HTC Rezound review | The Verge . seems favorable on most fronts, minus the bloatware
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    11-14-2011 12:19 PM
  2. angel35's Avatar
    Sentrix I have had the phone since Thursday 11.10.11. I can post a Verizon order confirmation to prove it...Sentrix you should stop hating!!!
    I called verizon a few times they kept saying no pre orders. How did you get it???
    11-14-2011 12:47 PM
  3. skystone11's Avatar
    Battery report on my new phonefull charge for the first time lasted 18 hours and 7 hours awake time. The awake time was with moderate use.
    11-20-2011 12:46 PM
  4. NHBass39's Avatar
    I can't wait to get mine. Unfortunately I can't get till March though as that is my upgrade.
    11-20-2011 12:52 PM
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