1. javadandy's Avatar
    Hey Everyone,

    I have been reading that the Rezound is supposed to have an FM radio (with RDS) but other new owners on other forums say there is not a radio app/widget in the phone and that there is no FM chip.
    All the specs pages say there is an FM radio, but it's not mentioned in the reviews I have seen.

    Can anyone confirm that they are able to access the FM radio that is supposed to be onboard on this phone?

    11-16-2011 09:23 AM
  2. panitsos's Avatar
    ya i was at the gym yesterday and wanted to listen and i looked for it as well and didnt find one either.
    11-16-2011 12:53 PM
  3. ddmini's Avatar
    Who wants to bet that HTC has the FM app but Verizon took it off so they could charge for more data to stream the music.
    11-19-2011 11:32 PM
  4. labs point's Avatar
    Spirit FM Radio is app that claims to be a real FM radio tuner that supports RDS data.

    Is there any reason not to try this app?
    11-20-2011 12:52 AM
  5. GtoJon's Avatar
    Tried that one & 2 others .... Didn't work

    11-20-2011 01:46 AM