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    I have been a Tbolt owner since the day it was released and have really enjoyed the phone. While some people have their issues with the phone, I have not had them. The only aspect to this phone which was a cause for question was indoor pictures. I have taken some stunning pictures with the thunderbolt outside or in a well lighted environment. That said anything indoors with a flash was bad. Even worse than the Dinc IMHO.

    For me the Rezound camera was a big deal if it was any better. For those who like pictures, I find the camera is a lot better indoor. I have posted some pictures below for your review. This pictures are taken in my basement with a heavy incandescent lighting. A touch environment for any point-and-shoot camera. I was actually pleasantly surprised by the results. Indoor pictures with flash that are useable.

    I will confirm the camera is really fast. One thing i have done since using my Dinc is to set the self-timer to 2secs if possible If there are people posing it is simple because i normally count to 3 then take the picture. so i say 1...push the button, then on three it takes the picture. this has helped take some great pictures. The pictures below were not taken in this fashion. just point and shoot with both cameras.

    Overall, There are many additional aspects to the Rezound i am liking, such as instant GPS lock. If you have questions regarding how this compares to the Dinc, Tbolt, iPhone 4 on Verizon(yes i went there for 4months) let me know.

    PIcutres below are:
    Pic 1 - Thunderbolt w/flash
    PIc 2 - Rezound w/flash
    Pic 3 - Tbolt w/Flash
    PIc 4 - Rezound w/flash
    Pic- 5 Tbolt no Flash
    Pic - 6 Rezound no Flash
    11-30-2011 12:53 PM
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    How does the rezound's camera compare to the iPhone 4?
    12-01-2011 12:30 PM