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    These are my opinions - take them for what you will. Hopefully it helps answer some of the questions I've seen from those of you wondering about these 3 devices:

    Waited 6+ months for the Galaxy Nexus to arrive and got it Day 1 at Verizon last week. Incredible disappointment. Worst battery life I have ever seen (10% drain per hour with screen off!) and worst radio receiver I've ever experienced. Could barely hold a signal, much less 4G. The transition between 4G and 3G was painful. It couldn't transition back and forth easily. The phone lasted 3 days before I couldn't take it anymore.

    So, traded it in for a Razr which the store claimed would solve all my Nexus problems. Well, it did solve one. The Razr has a tremendous radio and always had very strong signals. But battery life, with Smart Actions on in the most conservative modes, was nearly as bad as the Nexus. Roughly 8%+ drain per hour with no use. Using it moderately would result in 12-15% drain per hour. If it could keep its data connection, it would be a half decent phone but it had a major data connection issue for me. I've seen others voice the same complaints. Had strong bars but kept losing data.

    A call to Verizon technical support confirmed this is a 'known issue' and Motorola is working on a fix but had no date for release. The recent Razr update, which I received a few days ago, did not solve this issue for me. Other issues with the Razr included some of the worst e-mail management software I've seen in a long time - the Universal Inbox cannot be accessed directly from the desktop. It's under another layer called "Messaging" which results in needless multiple clicks to use your Universal Inbox - important to me with 6 e-mail accounts. Also, if you receive a forwarded e-mail, you have to download the text as an attachment and then open the attachment to read. Hard to believe. And, e-mailing a picture can only be done (at least easily) from the default e-mail account unlike HTC which lets you select your account to send from.

    Anyway, I could probably live with most of the other 'issues' given the many strengths of the phone (screen, great radios, outstanding form factor, etc.) but with the horrible data connection issue and my need to have reliable data, after a week, Verizon agreed to an exchange for a Rezound. In the end, a reliable data connection is my #1 priority over everything else. I have to admit, they were totally stand-up about it. I was truly really impressed with Verizon's outstanding customer service and their understanding that the Razr data connectivity drops couldn't work for me.

    I am coming from a HTC Sensation on T-Mobile so the Rezound is pretty familiar. All I can say is, in my view, there is no comparison between the Nexus/Razr and Rezound. The Rezound is such a superior, more polished device in every imaginable way. I can't imagine it's not the hot seller of the 3. Battery life, with Economy mode turned on, is terrific out of the box with the standard battery - only 2-3% drain per hour in standby and 5-7% with moderate use. I bought, but haven't even tried, the extended battery yet. The speaker is incredibly loud (far louder than Nexus or Razr). The radio signals are equal to the Razr which is pretty astounding. Have the exact same strong signal strength everywhere the Razr did with the same number of bars and signal. The e-mail program (and universal in-box) is nicely polished by HTC. And, have only had the phone for 12 hours now but zero data connectivity problems.

    The screen, while not an AMOLED, is incredibly sharp and has much whiter whites than the Nexus/Razr. So, if you like deep blacks, the AMOLED screens are better (and I do love the rich colors of AMOLED), but if you like white whites than the Super LCD of the Rezound is better. For reading e-mails, which are usually white, I find the Rezound screen far superior which, for me, is the most critical experience on my phone. When I hold my e-mails up to my wife's Galaxy SII, there is no comparison - the Rezound's whites are far whiter and e-mails are much shaper and easier to read over her AMOLED grayish whites which are tiring on my eyes. The Rezound's form factor is also significantly easier to hold and use with one medium sized man's hand than the much wider Nexus or Razr which were a stretch for me to use one handed - although I was able to do it it wasn't that comfortable or secure.

    So, in the end, extremely happy to be back in the HTC family and extremely happy I got this phone. After using the Rezound's competitors for the past 10 days, it's clear to me that the Rezound is the FAR superior device and deserves much more hype and kudos than it's getting.

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    12-24-2011 09:24 PM
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    thanks for this very detailed comparison. It is very helpful to those of us still deciding on a device!!!!
    12-24-2011 09:32 PM
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    i also bought the nexus day 1 and returned it yesterday for the rezound due to the TERRIBLE radio in the nexus. my god it was horrendous.

    thanks for writing up what i was far to lazy to do.
    12-24-2011 09:39 PM
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    One good thing about Android is that we have choices. Glad to hear your found the phone that works for you.

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    12-24-2011 09:42 PM
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    Very good writeup and I hope this is significant to others not knowing which route they wish to take. There will alwys be those who are followers and think the latest and greatest is the best thing to have. Yes I did own the Nexus for a week and hated it every day but I had one chance to trade in so I researched and read many forums between the Rezound and Razr and finally came home with the Rezound, I can't be more happier. Of the three phones you mentioned the rezound had the least amount of issues and good grief the GN has been out less than 2 weeks and look at the problems thus far?

    Again thanks for such a great write up and honest and unbiased comparison between the 3 phones.

    12-24-2011 10:01 PM
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    I had the Rezound for a little over a month and agree it was a fantastic phone in every aspect, but the nexus and pure android's appeal was too much so I swapped. My nexus is great data connectivity wise guess I was lucky given how many issues I've heard of. Just wanted to say of those two I would say the rezound is the most consumer friendly and polished, but ICS is freakin sweet. Glad you enjoy your Rezound and glad we have the ability to make these types of choices.
    12-24-2011 10:25 PM
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    NICEeeeee....bro. Nuthin like having something that clicks with your mind. Good choice for you sir.
    12-24-2011 10:32 PM
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    My last android device (before my 5 day nightmare with the Nexus) was a Droid X, so I can appreciate what you mean about strong radio. But in my short time with my Rezound, it's holding it's own pretty good.

    Battery life, sub-par screen performance at lower brightness, horrible signal issues and an almost worthless speaker made me switch from the Nexus to the Rezound. The 2 things I didn't like about the Razr were the wide bezel that made the phone almost uncomfortable to hold and the non-replaceable battery.

    While I loathe and I mean absolutely LOATHE Sense, it's still easier to workaround and put up with compared to the crappy hardware of the Nexus.

    IMO the Nexus is an example of wonderful software that has some really great improvements, slapped onto mediocre piece of hardware.

    For me, the build quality seems ok, but the speaker at full volume was far too low and very poor quality for calls/music, the screen was gorgeous as full brightness but anything less and those vertical lines showed up, and let's not get started on weak GPS/signal strength.
    12-24-2011 11:55 PM
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    Terrible happy for you....another mind meeting the market. Dre 4EVR. Mansion.
    12-24-2011 11:57 PM