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    So I've accidentally run across a way to make files and folders invisible to Android!

    For a while now I've had 1 particular music album that music apps on Android just would not recognize. I finally gave in and spent a few hours the other day re-syncing my media library to the phone, but that didn't fix the problem. So about 5 minutes ago I plug in my phone and transfer an update to it, and afterward use the file browser to confirm the update was there on the SD card. While there I figured I may as well see if it was just the music app that didn't like my album, or it was something else.

    So it turns out that the phone could see the artist folder in my music folder, but the album itself was not showing at all. I quickly reconnected the phone to my computer and used explorer to confirm the folder was there, and that it didn't have the hidden attribute set. Nope, everything looked good from the Windows end.

    Well it turns out that the album name causes Android to overlook it completely. The album is titled "...And They Have Escaped the Weight of Darkness"

    Turns out the "..." at the beginning of the album name apparently makes Android completely ignore the folder, as well as the ID3 tags with the proper album name make the Android music app completely ignore the mp3 files.

    So just throwing that info out there in case anyone else likes to listen to some Icelandic Neo-Classical music in which album titles happen to use improper punctuation.

    As well, it'd be a handy way to hide things from Android, if the need ever arises.
    02-07-2012 02:38 PM