1. makingcentsofit's Avatar
    I finally caved and clicked "accept" for Verizon's update since I haven't used any of my rooted apps in ages. Now my phone is stuck on the White HTC screen. I've tried battery pull and it won't work. Please help.

    I'd call my tech skills a little higher than a beginner. I know how to do basic troubleshooting but this is way out of my league.

    Any assistance would be appreciated.
    10-25-2012 08:20 PM
  2. twolastnames's Avatar
    Were you unlocked? Did you unfreeze all your apps? I don't think you can do the OTA if your unlocked, and you have to unfreeze all your frozen apps, if you froze any. Not a huge issue, but you'll need to download the lastest RUU, and flash that.... after you re-lock. Mr. Smith has a guide on the rooting and rom section.
    10-25-2012 09:46 PM
  3. Jude526's Avatar
    If you're rooted you can't do it. Need yo unroot and then you can

    Sent from my ADR6425LVW using Android Central Forums
    10-29-2012 04:57 PM

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