12-26-2012 09:44 AM
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  1. TBolt's Avatar
    The phone screen doesn't ever turn off. No matter what I put the settings at.
    Someone stated that I do an hboot factory reset.

    Definitely. It will wipe your device clean; so, backup your pics, vids, etc. I would load each app one-by-one from the app store after the reset is finished.

    In settings, turn off quick boot.
    Pull out the battery.
    Replace the battery.
    Hold the volume down button while you press the power button to get to the HBOOTy screen.
    It's been a while since I've seen the screen, but look for the factory reset option or something similar.

    I would reset this way twice.

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    12-15-2012 10:12 AM
  2. TBolt's Avatar
    Why would it have to go back to VZ?

    The Rez sucks a lot of juice. If screen time-out isn't working, that'd be good reason to return the device, imho.

    I would still look for some app that might be running, and interfering with the time-out.

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    12-15-2012 10:16 AM
  3. TBoltJ's Avatar
    Current TB owner here. Finally convinced VZ to replace mine with a Rezound. When you went from the TB to the Rezound did you just use the same microsd card or did you need to wipe and start fresh? Any other suggestions for the "switch over"? Thanks in advance

    August 2012 they sent it to me. Been great
    Yes I remember. It was a good phone for awhile. Rezound is much better

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    12-18-2012 12:46 PM
  4. z71kris's Avatar
    I had to wipe mine.

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    12-18-2012 07:38 PM
  5. piizzadude's Avatar
    I have used the same sdcard for 4 different phones now without a wipe. You can do it, but it isn't a necessity

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    12-21-2012 07:35 AM
  6. armeddroid's Avatar
    Alright good to go. Did an Hboot on mine and now everything is working. Where is the VZ Backup Assistance
    My SD card came with me to this phone.

    12-26-2012 09:44 AM
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