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    I use the builtin Friend Stream for my Twitter feed (is that part of Sense?). I'm not a tweeter, just reading. Occasional search. When I click on a hashtag (to search?), I get pop up box "Twitter error Unable to connect to the server".

    I am wondering if this could be an account conflict problem. I have a different gmail account for Twitter than my primary everything account on my phone.
    But yet if I can get my feed okay, I must be logged in, so maybe that's not it. I looked at Settings inside the Friends app and nothing looks odd. Sync Friend and Sync Peep are fresh.

    Anything else to check?

    This has probably been like this for a long time (or forever?). I don't use twitter that much.

    I once started to install a separate twitter app, but didn't proceed for some reason. I forget why. I generally like to keep new app installs minimal. (trying to prolong and maximize the phone's resources).
    04-08-2014 08:20 AM

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