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    If anyone is still here? If so do you know how to get the correct replacement (standard) battery for my Rezound? I've had mine since day one and never had a real problem. Lately I see the charge isn't quit what it used to be and given the age it wouldn't surprise me if I was due for a replacement.

    The problem is I'm not sure what I should be looking for or where to look. I've seen some listed on Amazon but the reviews were mixed and I'm not even sure if the batteries offered are true replacements. One person reported that the battery they received looked used.

    I'm not really against another brand as long as I can be convinced that it will be reliable. There aren't many reviews or discussions around for a phone that isn't being used much anymore.

    I was almost ready to buy a new phone just because of this small issue (I've got my eyes on the Turbo Droid) but I would rather not be rushed into that decision and it looks like the replacement batteries are reasonable.

    Thanks for reading..........
    01-08-2015 05:56 PM
  2. Rukbat's Avatar
    From what I see on Amazon, most f the batteries being sold for the Rezound are OEM - that means Original Equipment Manufacturer. They're the same batteries, made by the same manufacturer that HTC buys. (They don't make their own batteries.)
    01-08-2015 06:29 PM
  3. acejavelin's Avatar
    Honestly, I use Laza... they work like the OEM ones and come in a pack of two, with an external battery charger, and a nice little zipper case for about the price of an HTC branded battery.


    EDIT: Hmm... I just looked, the kit used to be like $25, but it is around $50 now... Sorry.
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    01-09-2015 04:17 PM
  4. daniel-k's Avatar
    Yeah thanks - that's a little bit steep, considering that my problem is fairly small to begin with (so far). The batteries listed on Amazon that appear to be the original equipment replacement all come from third parties and some of the reviews are horrible. I think I'll just carry on until I'm forced to do something.
    01-09-2015 10:45 PM

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