1. timjay73's Avatar
    For the last couple days, whenever I reboot my tb many of the icons don't load their pictures. Instead a generic android icon is shown. I can still tap on it and the app will load so it still works that way. But having pages of the same icon for different apps gets old and sometimes hard to find the app I'm looking for. What can I do about it? I've tried fast boot and regular boot and their is no change. Thanks!
    07-24-2011 01:20 PM
  2. yodatom10's Avatar
    Are those apps on the SD card.

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    07-24-2011 01:54 PM
  3. streetstrip01's Avatar
    Are those apps on the SD card.

    sent though the force via my Thunderbolt
    I am seeing lots of issues that all have the SD card in common.....
    07-24-2011 01:56 PM
  4. timjay73's Avatar
    Yup. that's the ticket. Can anything be done?
    07-24-2011 02:53 PM
  5. msdsman's Avatar
    Yup. that's the ticket. Can anything be done?
    My wife and I both have been experiencing this same issue. Not only are there the generic icons but the apps wont launch or update.

    I have gone through this same issue multiple times with multiple fixes. Sometimes it would fix itself with a reboot other times it could be handled with a battery pull. But yesterday was rough, neither of these two methods above worked. I thought at first it was Sense related because Sense has crashed many times before with symptoms like this but after seeing this happen to the apps on my SD card I'm starting to wonder where the problem really is.

    I reformatted my SD card yesterday thinking that would do it but no dice, didn't work. Factory reset was the only thing that got me back on my feet

    So now, its like I dont want to even reboot this phone because who knows how it will start up. Will I have my icons or not???

    I really hope somebody might have some answers to this messed up deal.
    07-24-2011 06:10 PM
  6. FrankXS's Avatar
    I never saw where anyone with issues in this thread ever answered yodatom's question: Do you load apps on your SD card?

    This has caused numerous issues here in the forum. I recommend using the defaults for installing apps (usually on internal memory) for this reason. It seems that there is plenty or room for apps.

    07-24-2011 06:20 PM
  7. bjboucher's Avatar
    Could be a bad batch of SD cards that shipped with the phone.
    07-24-2011 06:20 PM
  8. Rav3nCroft's Avatar
    When I had this issue it was always icons in a folder where the app was on the sdcard. The fix for me was to remove the folder and place them directly on a homescreen.
    07-24-2011 06:20 PM
  9. yodatom10's Avatar
    If the apps are on the SD card. Sometimes it causes issues with icons if u put them on the phone it should work.

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    07-24-2011 07:18 PM
  10. timjay73's Avatar
    Ok. Maybe I'll try moving everything back to the phone.
    07-24-2011 09:53 PM
  11. mcs1990's Avatar
    What works for me is to switch the "scene" to something else, then return it back to what you had. This will refresh all the icons, including the ones in the folders.
    07-25-2011 07:33 AM
  12. robrecht's Avatar
    This used to be a problem for me with apps that I moved to my SD card and then the icons that I placed in folders would change to generic droid icons. My work-around was to use a taskkiller to force close HTC Sense and when it was rebooted, all the icons would be fine until manually rebooted the phone again.

    Since MR2, I've let the programs install where they want by default and I no longer have any problems, even with the programs that installed themselves on the SD card. I also haven't bothered to move programs to the SD card so maybe that would create the problem again? But I have over a billion apps (yes, litterally a billion) and still have plenty of room on my phone's memory and on my SD card so I've stopped worrying about this and just enjoy all my icons staying in place, even those that installed themselves on the SD card.
    07-25-2011 07:41 AM