1. straightsixm3's Avatar
    I mounted my (now unrooted) TB as a drive when I connected to my computer and moved an APK onto the phone. When I use Astro File Manager to look for the APK to install it, a completely different set of files show up. I tried going up in Astro, but still nothing. Where are the files that I'm looking at on my computer? Sorry if this is a dumb question lol.
    08-11-2011 01:40 AM
  2. fatboy97's Avatar
    I don't use Astro, but when you first open Astro does it show you in a location called "/" with a list of all kinds of folders??? And of course this is providing you have disconnected and unmounted your device as a drive. If so, there should be a folder called "sdcard"... that is your "drive"... you need to open that folder to see your drive and all of it's folders.

    Additionally, this is the Rooting, ROMs and Hacks forum... not the application forum, or the unrooted forum... most of us are rooted.
    08-11-2011 07:38 AM