1. z71kris's Avatar
    I am running 2.07 gb leak and did not notice any choppy video on my bolt before...running on WiFi at home or work....happens on app mobile site or embedded in sites....
    09-11-2011 10:15 AM
  2. wxruss's Avatar
    Same here. Running 2.11 leak RUU. I think its an issue with flash. Anyone have a fix?
    09-11-2011 11:19 AM
  3. z71kris's Avatar
    Nobody else having this issue...it still happening, I can watch netflix with no issues, and some other videos, but YouTube does not play right. The audio works fine, and plays smooth, the video is choppy, and skips...
    09-18-2011 11:00 AM
  4. bjboucher's Avatar
    I have the same problem.
    09-18-2011 11:25 AM
  5. z71kris's Avatar
    seem to have fixed the issue, reset the phone, and then stopped a few running programs, and now YT plays fine, give it a try...
    09-20-2011 11:05 AM