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    An odd thing has happened lately. When I first plug in the AC charger the mA is at around +700, but after about 2 hours it drops to +4mA. I've done multiple battery pulls, uninstalled apps from the time when I first noticed the issue.
    I'm rooted and running BAMF GingerRemix 2.1 with the defaulted kernel for the ROM. I also have the extended 2750 battery. I can't remember what happens on using the car charger at the moment. I have yet to try another battery to see if that is the culprit.

    Has anyone else experienced this or have a solution?
    10-13-2011 04:27 AM
  2. bjboucher's Avatar
    As these phones get closer to 100% charge they slow way down. What percentage of battery is it at when it drops to 4mA? It sounds like its normal unless you're not even close to 100% yet.
    10-13-2011 05:27 AM
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    This is a normal charging characteristic for Li-Ion batteries. Charging current is supposed to drop as the voltage of the cell and state of charge increases.

    Charging Lithium-Ion Batteries
    10-13-2011 07:33 AM
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    Sounds pretty normal to me.
    Whatever you are using to monitor the current, does it show the voltage? If the voltage is over 4100mv, then you are simply approaching full charge.
    Is the problem just that you are never seeing 100% charge?
    10-13-2011 08:41 AM
  5. dpham00's Avatar
    It's a problem with the kernel, others with bamf 2.1 or similar have similar problems. You can try to update the kernel to imolseyn(sp?) or try another rom. I found bamf_forever_1.0.7 to be better than the 2.1 and no battery charging issues.
    10-13-2011 10:19 AM
  6. irie27's Avatar
    My phone now won't reach 100% charge on AC unless it's on there for like 6 hours when before 3 would do it. I just checked it and now its charging at 2mA. I'm at a loss.
    10-14-2011 04:35 AM
  7. bjboucher's Avatar
    Its the ROM you're using like others said.....you need to change ROMs.
    10-14-2011 05:26 AM
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    My phone now won't reach 100% charge on AC unless it's on there for like 6 hours when before 3 would do it. I just checked it and now its charging at 2mA. I'm at a loss.
    What voltage does the battery read when the charger reduces the charging voltage?

    I have the extended battery, and from "battery low" it can take about 4-5 hours to get to 100% and the green light of happy. But that's on a charging curve that starts with a very rapid increase to about 4v, then a slow decline in charging speed as the charge reaches 4.2v.

    Keep in mind that there are two ways of charging a battery - you can charge it up really fast which does a little damage to the battery every time you fast-charge it when it's over 4v, or you can charge it really slowly which preserves the overall capacity of the battery in the long term. Given the cost of these extended batteries, I don't feel the need to cram mine up to 100% as fast as possible.

    The way your current ROM seems to be doing things appears to be a good compromise. Fast-charge it while it's still in the "safe zone" (up to about 80%-ish or 4v-ish), then charge it very slowly from there on. That way, if you have consistent access to a charger, you can simply dump power into the battery at a fast clip as needed while never charging the battery up to 100% (increasing the useful lifespan of your battery at the cost of duration of the current charge), and when you need a full charge it will do that with the least possible damage to the battery.

    Ideally you really want to keep these batteries between about 20% and about 80%. That's where they are the "happiest" in terms of the battery not losing capacity over the long term. So if you can charge it most of the time to "only" 80%, you won't need a replacement battery as soon.

    What the phones should really have is an option when you plug the battery in to choose a charging profile:
    - "fast boost charge" the battery to absolutely full capacity (4.2v+) when you know chargers are going to be few and far between and you don't have 5 hours to wait for a normal charge (with a warning that each time you do this you lose a little battery capacity),
    - "boost charge" the battery to 4.2v but much more slowly, doing less damage but taking longer to fully charge.
    - "preserve charge" would charge the battery to about 4v for the times when you know you don't REALLY need the battery to last as long (you have a charger at your desk or in the car, or you don't need a full day of heavy use). The battery only charges to about 80%, but the battery should last a lot longer.

    Instead, most charging profiles do something similar to the "boost charge", and your best bet for battery longevity is to unplug it at about 80%.

    ROMs that do a "fast boost charge" are not really doing you a favor unless the cost of a new extended battery is less important to you than the time spent charging it. You're really better off just charging the phone more slowly overnight if you can.
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    10-14-2011 09:38 AM
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    stock software goes from about 850ma starting to taper at 80% charge to about 50ma at full charge. the bamf 2.1 uses a different system, from what i can remember it goes to 90-95% near full, then drops to just a few ma.

    op:this is the way that db 2.1 works. if you don't like it, change the kernel, or use another rom. no other way around it.
    10-14-2011 11:29 AM
  10. irie27's Avatar
    The attached screenshots show what level my battery is after being on the charger for almost 7 hours. I did have my phone on however to use the alarm. Also, I changed ROMS's to BAMF Forever 1.09 and imoseyon's [Kernel] [Gb Sense] Leankernel: Minimalistic Kernel (4.1.3Gbtest, 10/24/11).
    10-27-2011 04:36 AM
  11. dpham00's Avatar
    wow, 62% and only charging to +2ma, something is wrong for sure then. i thought you were near full and had 2ma charge. try to clear cache and clear dalvik cache. if the problem persists, i'd suggest you flash a stock rooted rom to see if you have the problem, if it persists, return the phone to stock to see if you still have the problem, and if you do, then call Verizon to get a clnr.
    10-27-2011 09:14 AM
  12. irie27's Avatar
    Do you have a link to a rooted stock ROM? I thought I had one but I guess I don't.

    Update: Installed a stock rooted ROM and same problem persists. I'd hate to go back to non-rooted stock.
    10-29-2011 06:47 PM