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    Ok, so I installed this on my desktop and my TB. I have synced once, and I am confused on how this works with Outlook.

    First off, I had my phone set with HTC sync so that only a years worth of appts going back and going forward would sync. Now, I have appts in my Outlook on my desktop that go back years and I do not want to touch those! They are very sentimental.

    How do I set up My Phone Explorer to sync with my phone going back a year but also have it pick up appts furtehr back in Outlook and is this even possible?

    I am really confused on how to use MPE, my phone and Outlook all together and it looks like the forums/help board is in a foreign language....UGH!

    Edit: Now, a few minutes later, for no reason I can think of, when I re-opened MPE on my desktop, all the events that were put into the calendar from my Droid after I synced are now gone from the desktop version!!! WTF???? Already these issues????

    Please advise!
    01-10-2012 11:18 AM