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    I run a handful of Google Calendars to TB (one for each of my jobs, school, personal, etc). Lately my TB has not been showing random events. If I log onto the computer, the event is there, but if I look at the Google calendar on my TB, they are not there.

    And no, it is not that I have "turned off" that calendar. If I look at my agenda for work today, for example, I can see 4 of 6 meetings that should be there.

    This has mostly happened with a single calendar, but I did catch it once with one of the others. It happens with both recurring and single-time events. There is a small chance that it has something to do with whether the event was originally entered via computer or TB, but I can't remember for sure which are which.

    This started about a week ago.

    03-09-2012 01:17 PM