1. OmfgItsEric's Avatar
    I just got my replacement TBolt, on my 5th for various reasons, and I just sync'd FB, Twitter and other social media apps, but the only app that isn't sync'ing fully is Facebook. I know FB matches Numbers/Names with Numbers/Names in the contact list you have. But my problem is that FB won't sync or even load contacts I know I have on FB or my list when I want to link them.

    I've dl'd Friends Sync and that didn't help.

    Any ideas, cos I REALLY hate not seeing pictures next to the names of people. (I'm picky that way.)

    Thanks in advanced!

    03-17-2012 03:54 PM
  2. hruehl's Avatar
    I am having the same problem with my HTC Amaze. So, I posted my problem in another forum. At the moment, I am doing exactly what someone suggested I do. Here are the instructions.


    I have found a solution but you won't like it...it took me a while to figure this out...so basically if you set up your google account before your facebook, facebook will not sync correctly....since android 2.x won't let us delete the current google account (ICS will allow this), you have to reset to factory settings, then setup your facebook account DO NOT SETUP google when prompted in the start wizard. wait an hour or so until all pics and things are downloaded and everything is synced up...then go ahead and setup google account so you can use the market, but make sure you are not syncing google contacts yet, update the facebook app through the market, (this way you will get high quality pics from facebook, if you have an older facebook app on your rom, you will get lower quality pics until you update to the new facebook app), finally you can sync your google contacts etc after about an hour or so (if you have sense) you will get a bunch of matched or linked contacts showing up ....this should help...

    03-23-2012 10:40 AM