1. rdmartin1's Avatar
    The power button on my one month old Asurion Thunderbolt stopped responding yesterday. I haven't dropped it. Anybody have a fix for this? Will they fix?
    03-29-2012 07:39 PM
  2. isaacdibb1095's Avatar
    I haven't ever had that problem.. had my Thunderbolt since the day it came out last year.. on my third and still have not had this issue. It is probably a hardware issue.. bring it back to verizon and get it replaced before your 14 days is up! Good Luck!!
    03-29-2012 08:43 PM
  3. rdmartin1's Avatar
    I didn't have it on my original that I got on launch date. I got this one actually in the beginning of Jan when the charger port busted on my other phone. I called Asurion and did a few test. They want me to do a full device reset to confirm the issue. So I have to back my data up. I don't get that as it's clearly a problem with the physical button and not the software on the phone...
    03-29-2012 10:00 PM
  4. RetiredJedi's Avatar
    My daughter had this problem. We took it to Verizon so they could see it. The Verizon rep made a note in our account to confirm the problem. Then we had to call the Verizon tech folks who saw the note in our account. They sent her a replacement phone since we are still under warranty (bought it on launch day) and all we had to do was mail the old one back. They provide the box for you to return it in
    03-30-2012 10:06 AM
  5. mjl11's Avatar
    Had the same problem on my tbolt. Called verizon and they said it was just a software glitch and to hold down the power button and volume down button simultaneously for 10 seconds and it worked! Power button is fully functional again.
    03-31-2012 06:44 PM
  6. Wampa1's Avatar
    Had the problem on mine. Was hardware problem and verizon replaced it.
    04-01-2012 09:16 PM
  7. Jude526's Avatar
    call verizo
    04-06-2012 01:39 PM
  8. mpd2l17's Avatar
    I had a replacement phone from them do the same thing. The good news is the phone has a 1 year warranty on it so it was a free replacement. Bad news was I had to re root. I'd call them and let them know.

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    04-10-2012 03:09 AM