1. Russosaur's Avatar
    So, for the past couple months I have had problems with my phone dropping signal like 3G/4G then coming back after a minute or so then to either drop again or stay for the rest of the day. So today I turn on my phone and I have 0 data connectivity, no 4G,3G, or 1X. I can still receive texts (kinda it wants to give me message send or receive failures sometimes), I have tried everything I can think of battery pull, SIM pull (first time I did this I got 1x, then after a minute or so it went away), SD card pull. Multiple reboots, restoring to previously backed up points, trying other ROM's with no luck. Right now I am in the process of un-rooting my phone back to stock to see if anything helps, if not I plan on calling or going to the Verizon store tomorrow and seeing about a new SIM card. If that fails, I think i have insurance for a replacement and maybe I can push to get whole different phone (Galaxy S III maybe, I doubt it). I also tried the ##778 and changing that setting. Unless I am completely missing something I think my phone is dead.
    11-06-2012 07:11 PM
  2. Russosaur's Avatar
    Well un-root with factory settings worked but idk for how long.
    11-06-2012 07:22 PM
  3. Bosgarage57's Avatar
    thats weird, when you did the sim pull. did you start the phone and let it sit for aminute, then turn it off and reinsert the sim card? I know on my rezound I was only getting 3g, and Mr. Smith told me to do that and it brought my 4g back.
    11-07-2012 06:52 PM
  4. Russosaur's Avatar
    Yeah I pulled the SIM and SD powered the phone on for about a minute or so, put SIM and SD back in and still had nothing. Still working good on stock for now, I will probably root again later when I feel like messing with it. When my headphones are plugged in my ringtone still goes through the speaker on the phone, which I didn't realize until my phone went off in school today with headphones plugged in. It has never done that before.
    11-07-2012 07:45 PM
  5. drsbritton's Avatar
    I have had the same problem for the past 2 months. Did a factory reset on October 4th. Got better, but back to doing it again. I was happy when Verizon said they were sending me a new phone! Unfortunately, it's another Thunderbolt... I told the gal this is the last one I'm willing to try. Hopefully it lasts until my upgrade in April.

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    11-07-2012 07:46 PM
  6. Russosaur's Avatar
    Well I'm back my phone dropping down to no mobile network again. It works then it drops all network 4g 3g 1x then comes back but won't work then it drops again works. That's basically what is happening over and over.
    11-08-2012 08:24 AM
  7. KJ78's Avatar
    Having the same issue. Got a warranty replacement. That had probs so I went to menu, wireless networks, mobile networks, access point names, reset to default. That worked for a little while. Called back today and am waiting on an analyst to call me back. I may be given a different device.
    11-09-2012 11:37 AM

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