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    So, about two months ago I purchased my htc Thunderbolt. Within a week the battery life went to hell, after that it completely stopped charging. So it was still under warranty and I got a new battery which solved the charging issue but not the battery life issue (I have realized that this is common on the phone not a big deal). About 2 months ago I was leaving my new job and looking at the time and my phone hit a door and slipped out of my hand breaking the screen, it sucked and made things a little hard to read but did not have any effect on the performance of the phone (at first). About a week after dropping it random reboots started happening, after that charging issues again started happening, and after a night of fully charging; full battery life all the way; I went to work and two hours later found that my phone not only had no battery life but would not charge or turn on. I purchased a third battery (extended life) and recieved it a week later and that has not helped, and the phone still refuses to charge. When I took it into the verizon store, the representative told me that I had to purchase a new phone with out even taking a look at the phone or trying to assist me in any way. I know for a fact that the screen had nothing to do with it because it worked for about a month with a cracked screen and no real problems, I was simply taking up her face book time, and far to much of a waste of her personal time for her to do anything helpful. Sorry for the rant, but what (if anything) can I do about my phone? I am fine with fixing it myself (if possible) or am I totally up Crap Creek, without a paddle, boat, or even a life jacket? And could I also be wrong about the screen and charging issue being connected? I just really need my phone and I don't want to drop 300+ on a phone when I don't have that kind of money, and when I need to get in contact with the family (it's getting near the holidays). Any help or suggestions would be great! Thanks!!!!
    11-20-2012 09:45 AM
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    The cracked screen and charging problems could be related - it might have just taken a while for a connection made fragile by the original drop to break completely.

    Thunderbolts are fairly old phone models at this point, in fact I'm surprised you were able to get one from Verizon (or did you buy it used?). In any case, they should be pretty readily available and relatively inexpensive in the used market. If you can, look for a local deal where you can meet the seller at a Verizon store, with payment conditional upon activation of the phone to your account (if you buy a stolen phone or one that was from a line that was canceled due to lack of payment, you're buying a brick). Either that or make sure you choose a dealer with a good reputation and a generous return policy.

    There are companies that will fix it, but I have to imagine at this point that a used one is going to be cheaper (and faster - repairs can take weeks). You might be able to sell your old one for parts, but of course the screen and charging system are the two most desirable bits, so you won't get a whole lot.
    11-20-2012 12:01 PM
  3. Who?'s Avatar
    Want to buy mine? Got a ton of accessories for it. Extended battery, Rezound batteries, oem batteries, power skin, wall chargers, etc.
    11-20-2012 08:58 PM

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