1. redcat22's Avatar
    I'm currently using Verizons messaging app. When i send an mms text it automatically turns on data to send the message and then turns off (i normally keep data turned off). I wanted to try GO for the customization especially for the text tones. So i tried to send a pic to my wife as a test but it wouldn't go through. I noticed that the data icon wasn't in the notification bar. I then turned on data and tried to resend the text and it went through. Does anyone know if there's a way to make GO automatically turn on/off data for mms texts?
    01-10-2013 04:46 PM
  2. Green_Laser's Avatar
    seems to be happening to me too
    been on go sms for over a year now and lately, mms will get stuck and not be sent due to data not kicking on
    the picture in the chat has a little tiny green arrow in the bottom right, flashing as if it's sending but isn't
    and in my case being rooted (maybe with this particular rom and radio), my 4g can show it's on when it really isn't
    so i then turn off (the already off) mobile data and then turn back on and it sends out
    i also have juice defender on
    but it seems that go sms is playing around lately - not 100% sure and also not sure how to let gosms force it on for sending
    01-10-2013 07:09 PM
  3. redcat22's Avatar
    Dang. I'm rooted too, but still running stock GB. I don't have juice defender though. I noticed the green arrow too. It moves faster when data is on and the message is actually being sent. Yeah, i've looked at the settings a bunch of times and didn't see anything that would turn data on/off. Possibly a glitch with the latest version? It's only been out a short time.
    01-10-2013 08:18 PM
  4. Green_Laser's Avatar
    Yeah very possible it's a glitch in newer version, I don't remember this happening in the past

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    01-10-2013 08:56 PM

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