03-06-2011 05:54 PM
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    Maybe you should learn to be happy with the phone you have and *not* want the latest model available every month? That's what I see happening. I don't have a problem spending money on a good smartphone because I'm going to have it a minimum of one year and probably two as long as it's a phone I like A LOT and better ... LOVE ... problem solved far as I'm concerned.
    03-06-2011 08:40 AM
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    Welcome to the world of technology.

    I can understand your comparison to iphone and android phones but you do not see the flip side. Android phones are design to be for different users.

    High End Users: EVO 4G, INC, Droid X...etc

    Average Users: G2, LG Ally, HTC Aria...etc

    Basic Users: Droid Eris, LG Optimus S, Behold II...etc

    Business/Global Users: Droid Pro, Droid 2....more when the demand is greater.

    Android phones do not try one size fits all approach or appeal to just one particular group. The try to fit the different core groups and their individual needs. Now the carriers/manufacturer are the blame if their are discrepancy between user types. Those the majority of carriers do appeal to every group of user.

    Don't forget Android just began to hit it's stride last year. Their's lot more android can offer and shown what is to come. Apple has taken notice android is pushing the pace of innovation for mobile tech. IOs has update like beta MobileNotifier which Android has done from day one. IOs 4.3 is now letting connect Wi-Fi network and stream itunes content to speakers, TVs and etc. Android has been making strides in streaming media from different devices all last year. The Tbolt has shown what they have learned. Android is growing fast and apple is simply taking notice. Android jumping forward in technology with dual-core, and next year quad core shows the leaps and bounds in technology. The possibility for android just not for gaming and media hubs but real world applications is a feat in itself!

    Now Iphone is a great device that is very simplistic however, mainly meets the demands of Average Users and High End Users. The phone is too much for the Basic User and not practical for Business/Global Users. The Iphone is only available through two carriers.

    These are just limits between android and iphone on bases of user types as well availability to the consumers.

    Lets talk about the physical design of the android phones. They come in many shapes and forms. Unfortunately, the Iphone is one size fits is mentality of apple. The Iphone great design as well very appealing but practically varies. Typing of the Iphone is not a relative difficult but has it's limits.The android phones gives the user the flexibility of a larger screen for typing or the qwerty keyboard. Furthermore with the larger screen option it gives you simply better media experience. In fact not just screen but the option of having a kickstand and speakers improves the overall media experience. The list of difference can go on for ever but the point is....

    Android offers users more variety, customization and more importantly personalization.

    Iphone offers more simplicity, uniformity across technology and sole innovation of apple.

    You are comparing apples to androids.
    03-06-2011 12:41 PM
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    I've only been into computers for about 12 years now, but they change almost faster than the ad that is telling about them.....but you buy one that works for your needs and live with it till it either needs to be replaced or upgraded to something faster or has more features. Pretty much my whole adult life I've been into motorcycles and for the last 10 to 12 years, those manufacturers "update" their sportbike models every two years. If you think that well, two years is a pretty long time, yea, it is, but a typical 600cc cutting edge sportbike will set you back an easy $10K..........so, you make do with what you've got or end up spending a boat load of money. Phones/computers/anything technology related is no different. Something faster, better, more features comes along every day.......you just have to make the one work for you that you have until it doesn't work for you anymore or you have the money to upgrade if it's that important to you.
    03-06-2011 12:54 PM
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    Do you feel the same way about your girlfriend?
    03-06-2011 01:26 PM
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    Do you feel the same way about your girlfriend?
    LOL! A phone is not your girlfriend!!!
    03-06-2011 01:28 PM
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    You guys have left a ton of great feedback, and I really appreciate it. I don't want anyone to be confused with what I was originally trying to say. A couple of you made comments about learning to be happy with what you have, not having the latest and greatest. That is absolutely what the consumer must do in order to not feel bad about their purchase. That being said, there will always be many people who just feel slightly disappointed when a newer, better phone comes out one month after they just purchased a phone. The new phone is probably going to be the same price, and it's common to feel that sting of envy.

    What I was trying to do initially is show how Apple is in a really good place when it comes to making their customers feel satisfied/good about their purchases. Maybe it's the shiny aluminum unibody look that everyone is so addicted to. I think there is something to be said about how they're doing their own thing, and by releasing one product a year, they have developed a portion of the market where consumers feel really good about their purchases. (Which is so important when the products are running $500+ dollar price tags.)
    The problem with this is that just because there aren't new Apple products coming out constantly doesn't mean there aren't newer and better smartphones. Something will come out a month after the iPhone 5 that will have overall better specs (or in the case of the 4, the HTC Evo was already out). Sure, Apple won't release a better phone for another year, but someone else certainly will.

    And actually, I'm extremely satisfied with my Dinc. There's still not a whole lot on the market that's significantly better (in fact, Verizon's about to see its first overall better phone with the Thunderbolt - Fascinate and X are better at some things, but the overall experience is the same quality), and we're coming up on a year now.
    03-06-2011 05:54 PM
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