05-17-2014 01:56 PM
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  1. htowngator's Avatar
    Sucks that bump charging is required for this thing.

    03-17-2011 09:35 PM
  2. biff6789's Avatar
    Wifi has been off, I never use wifi unless i'm doing hotspot.
    -In my experience, wifi is always the biggest battery drain...
    I was under the impression that WiFi only drains the battery when it is sniffing and not connected to any network. But once it connects, I thought I remember reading that it uses LESS power since it only has to communicate a few hundred feet (as opposed to miles with the phone's radio).

    I know that when I leave my Inc unplugged overnight with WiFi off it drains the battery around 15%, but if I leave WiFi connected it only drops 4-5%

    Any others out there want to chime in on this one? WiFi is a key component in the battery life debate...
    03-17-2011 09:36 PM
  3. Jaymil's Avatar
    Exactly...you really can't comment on battery life right now. Give your phone at least two nights of charging for at least 9-10 hours each night.

    Going off topic... If you're not happy with the keyboard, try a different one. I like using SmartKeyboard Pro.
    I like the features of the stock keyboard but find myself typing a lot of errors... It's a little too small for me. I gave it a chance but it's not for me... switching it up.

    Same here, using the glossy black skin I think it is. Downloaded it from their forums. The stock HTC one just seemed a bit small with the arrow keys and all, kept making alot of typo's.
    03-17-2011 09:37 PM
  4. Jaymil's Avatar
    Also I'm really saddened by the need for bump charging if that's true. I HATED doing that on my incredible. Wasn't a huge deal but it was the principle.

    I tried to test the bump charging myself but I was a bit too impatient to try today. My phone charged up to 99% (on circle battery widget) and the light stayed orange for a good 30 minutes. Didn't seem to want to charge that last 1% so finally I powered it off and like 10 mins later the green light came on. Maybe it woulda came on in another 10 mins anyway so I'm not 100% sold on the need or benefit to bump charge the TB yet.
    03-17-2011 09:39 PM
  5. Cory Streater's Avatar
    Merged with Cyber's battery life sticky. If you haven't read his first post, you might want to do so.

    P.S. - I've had an LTE USB modem since the day they went on sale. 4G sucks more battery life period. We have Ferrari's with 3-gallon gas tanks. Battery technology isn't keeping up with the equipment it's running.
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    03-17-2011 09:43 PM
  6. curney's Avatar
    Ummmm Droid x is pretty damn good.

    You'd better start heading back to Verizon then. No phone with a 4.3" display (I've played with them ALL) lasts more than a few hours if you don't turn the screen down. I work for HP. We play with EVERYTHING that gets released. (and copy the good ideas ) I don't know if Verizon promised you guys better battery life, but if they did, they lied. You need a bigger battery and a smaller processor if you want to keep the 4.3" screen. Also, some kind of rooted ROM works on a few of the phones.

    Sent from my Galaxy Tab using Tapatalk
    03-17-2011 09:56 PM
  7. amotter's Avatar
    I have had it all day long....charged it up to full at 3:00....bar is have empty at 9:00. That is 6 hours...with a 50% drain.....

    And it has been switching between 3g and 4g...has barely left my hand, uploading downloading running facebook, my e-mail, texting, surfing, phone calling, playing angry birds (i get it now).

    Pretty confident that the battery life is going to improve...so far everyone's concerns is making me feel pretty darn good about the phone to be honest. I will let you guys know how things are going over the next few days....but I can tell you that some of the comments and predictions others are making has not been the case with me today. Thanks for the article on the bump. Very cool.

    One other comment since it could be impacting battery usage...I go in my house (newer with paper walls...3g, go outside...4g).
    03-17-2011 09:56 PM
  8. amotter's Avatar
    Some more notes....when I bought the phone the "reps" were told to tell every customer that bought one that Verizon and HTC strongly reccomend a car charger...which I got at best buy (Thanks Steve)...

    Also...I noticed that it was factory preset at 40% for the display...

    Like I said...it is probably gonna need charged at some point during the day from a computer or my car...at least for a little bit. I am told this is more common than not with the non-rooted dIncs as well.
    03-17-2011 10:04 PM
  9. rotorocker's Avatar
    I hope Screebl will help like it does with my OG droid
    03-17-2011 10:09 PM
  10. Mike_is_Mike's Avatar
    Has anyone had it long enough to tell how the battery life is?
    Got mine turned on and working in the store at 9:45 AM, by the time they activated it and walked me through the phone, the battery was down to less than 25% (YELLOW)

    Charged it up in the car the rest of the morning. From noon I played with it off an on until the battery was showing YELLOW again around 4PM. Charged it in the car again to about 90%, have been playing with it off and on until now (10:16PM) battery is showing 40%.

    I will charge it over night, but I doubt this thing will last a whole day, like my BB did. I ordered the 1600 battery from seidioonline.com today, should have it Monday. That may only give me another 45 minutes or so of talk time, but in sales, that could mean the difference of a good day or bad when calling in orders.

    I have 15 days to return it. If I can't get a full day off one battery, it maybe going back.
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    03-17-2011 10:22 PM
  11. KSChris's Avatar
    If I have a car charger that works with an Incredible, is it good to use with this? Or does this require a special charger?
    03-17-2011 10:26 PM
  12. amotter's Avatar
    i learned today that it doesnt matter....so long as you have the micro usb to connect it in you are good to go.
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    03-17-2011 10:28 PM
  13. kgar2121's Avatar
    is there anywhere to get a separate charger for an extra battery? either for another stock battery, or one from a third party (seidio, etc)?
    03-17-2011 11:16 PM
  14. panicprone77's Avatar
    I really complain about battery life. I unplugged at 4 this afternoon so about 7 hours ago and I'm still at 50% using it moderately all night. I put the display around 20%.
    03-17-2011 11:42 PM
  15. goalie's Avatar
    mine was 35% charged out of the box. I'm still charging it from my laptop, hasn't gone up much..charge time is very slow!!!
    this is probably a newby question - but why charge from laptop (vs plugging in to wall)?
    03-17-2011 11:45 PM
  16. Mike_is_Mike's Avatar
    We never got all day out of ANY phone with a 4.3" screen without setting the display down to 25%. Motorola or HTC. Motorola does have better battery life though.
    Better life because more juice in their batteries? The TB has a puny 1400, the Bionic has a reported 1900+!!!!!

    Even the after market, same size as OM, battery only has 1600. Sounds like HTC needed to make room for a bigger battery.

    The EVO aftermarket battery is 1750.
    03-17-2011 11:50 PM
  17. goalie's Avatar
    and another newby post...

    what is the REAL answer to this debate? i was told exactly the opposite about my TB earlier today...

    >>>If you are someone who can top off your phone on a regular basis, do it. Plug it in when you're at home. Plug it in when you're at your desk. As explained by Battery University, "Several partial discharges with frequent recharges are better for lithium-ion than one deep one. Recharging a partially charged lithium-ion does not cause harm because there is no memory."
    03-17-2011 11:56 PM
  18. Imcominboldtouch's Avatar
    I charged mine 100%. Got down to 25% after 7hrs of being on, with almost 4 straight hours of use (including video watching, web surfing, and downloading).
    03-18-2011 12:10 AM
  19. booboolala2000's Avatar
    Not at all true. I have my X set to 80% brightness and the battery stays in performance mode. I use the device all day log and go to bed around mid night with 40% to 60% battery left.

    However, as far as this TB thread goes...the phone is an HTC...what did everyone expect? I don't think a single htc device exist that runs more than 6 or 7 hours before it dies. You just need to keep a charger handy and plug it in whenever in the car.
    My DX always had yo be set in smart mode. Otherwise it would run out of juice before I left work if it was a busy play day. Right now, with admittedly heavy usage and screen set to full brightness I get about 6 hours, that's redownloading apps, and checking out all my websites. Can see getting 10 hours of moderate use by Sunday.
    03-18-2011 12:21 AM
  20. d1ez3's Avatar
    is it ok to leave it plugged in the whole night when it's at 100%?
    03-18-2011 12:22 AM
  21. ultrav23's Avatar
    Mine completed a full charge around 3pm this afternoon. Since then I have used it for a solid 4 hours of use and 2 hours of moderate use and 2 hours of standby. I still have 70% battery life left. This is 10x my Inc by far. To be honest it all comes done to how you use the phone and what you have running. Just be smart about it and it shouldn't be a problem to get through a day!
    03-18-2011 12:25 AM
  22. noalear's Avatar
    Guys, these batteries are straight messed up. Plug your phone in and watch the charge percentage. There are massive jumps in short spans of time. The sticker on my USB charge cable says 4 hour charge time. Mines almost charged 80% in 30 minutes with the outlet adapter. I restarted my phone at 75%, when it came back on it said 68%. I would highly highly recommend we all try the XDA advice tonight. I think we'll see massive changes in our batteries. Mine has been lasting under an hour with just pandora playing through my car stereo in a 4G city. everything is shut off, display battery consumption was only 45% and my 10 minute phone call was 27%.

    None of that adds up at all. I do my best to keep the screen dark/off and data use to a minimum. What this does point to is a charging/reading error on our phones. Its simply wrong. Hopefully the XDA instructions will get it right.
    03-18-2011 12:36 AM
  23. InfiniteRefrain's Avatar
    This phone will be a killer once we can get a root. The following applications automatically re-load after getting killed by Task Killer:

    Voice Search
    Google Search
    Mobile IM

    Only app I may use would be Gmail and Facebook. The rest can die and stay dead. The 'Freeze' app [forgot the name] worked wonders on my DX, and will use it here; if there is the update issue where the DX wouldn't update if the pre-installed apps were deleted.

    On a side note; this is a brand new phone straight out of the box - the battery should level out at some point. I fail to see how after all of the testing that HTC would release a phone with such a low battery life. Especially seeing as VZW is using this as their flagship for LTE. Then again, this is VZW and they are known for their usless bloatware.
    03-18-2011 12:45 AM
  24. nativi's Avatar
    Well after a full day at work with it same use as my incredible and way better battery life. But going to BBY tomorrow i have the light leak thing at the bottom, and my plastic thing is a lil pushed in.
    03-18-2011 01:00 AM
  25. selvinsosa's Avatar
    I cant make the camara work. I just got a black screen. 3 minues later i got a message to tap the screen to activate the camara, but still just black
    03-18-2011 01:04 AM
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