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    This post has been reformatted and the thread is now open for posting. However, please read this post before posting. <---- Please Read

    Check out this post: <CLICK ME> for a complete list of battery saving tips!<---- NEW 3/20

    As with any new phone, we are starting to see some common issues. We will keep track of them here, and will try to post solutions if one is found. If at all possible, I will also give credit where credit is ado, and I will link to the thread so you can go there and thank the person that found the solution (if there is one), unless I am the one that came up with it. At first, this thread will be updated very frequently, so keep checking back.


    Reported Problem: Cannot disable Backup Assistant once it has been configured.
    Solution: Requires hard reset. After you complete the reset, do not reconfigure through the setup wizard.

    Reported Problem: Uninstalling bloatware (vCast, Blockbuster, etc.)
    Solution: Check out the hacks sub-forum for procedures on how to root. Once rooted, you can use this post: <CLICK ME> to determine which apps are safe to remove.

    Reported Problem: Stopping vCast Manager app from opening when you plug TB into USB port.
    Solution: TBD. CLICK ME to follow the thread that is tracking this issue.

    Problem: Swype does not have an emoticon button nor does it automatically insert spaces in the messaging app.
    Solution: With swype keyboard open, long press and select input method. Select other keyboard, same steps and select swype keyboard again. Had this same glitch on my EVO. Keyboard should work until next reboot.... Credit Imex99.

    Problem: Missing "Car Panel" icon in the app drawer.
    Solution: Use a 3rd Party Launcher (Launcher Pro, ADW, Go Launcher, etc..)

    Reported Problem: Looking for the HTC Sand Timer widget (from the Incredible and EVO)
    Solution: download and install Attachment 7458

    Reported Problem: Camcorder audio problem: Sound is muffled.
    Solution: HTC has confirmed that it has tracked down the problem, and a fix is in the works with a software update coming. <---- NEW 3/30

    Network Problems:

    Reported Problem: Recipients of text messages are not seeing your cell phone number. Instead they seem coming from from your IMSI.
    Solution: Power cycle TB and try again. Discussion here: <CLICK ME>. <---- NEW 3/21

    Reported Problem: Loss of network/WiFi connectivity when the battery cover is removed.
    Solution: The antenna is integrated into the battery cover. Re-attach.

    Reported Problem: Data Connectivity Problems: 3G icon with no mobile data.
    Solution: Discussion here: <Click Me>....Credit: Leehblanc <---- NEW 3/23

    Reported Problem: Data Connectivity Problems: No signal for 3G data.
    Solution: Discussion here: <Click Me>....Credit: Landale <---- NEW 3/30

    Reported Problem: Hissing sound in the background when making calls.
    Solution: Turn on hearing aide support and the hiss goes away.
    Side Affect: After enabling hearing aid mode, the hiss is gone, but you can no longer adjust volume. Credit: flashpiti! <---- NEW 3/21

    Activation Issues:

    Reported Problem: I ordered online and I am having problems activating.
    Solution: My solution was to follow the instructions in the Activation Guide that came with the phone. It differs from how non LTE phones have been activated in the past (*228 option 1):
    1. I actually skipped step 1 in the guide, because it instructs to you activate backup assistant, a step I would recommend skipping.
    2. Make sure TB is powered down and the SIM card is removed.
    3. Dial 877.807.4646 - from any phone (e.g., old cellphone) - to activate your 4G LTE service. It also says to have your customer receipt ready because you will be asked to conform the information on it - including the mobile number assigned to the LTE SIM card.
    4. Insert SIM card and then power up. It will then go through the activation process.
    5. Get that battery cover put back on - or you'll see the phone stuck in 1x.

    Reported Problem: *228 no workie.
    Solution: It's not a problem and is not needed as the LTE sim card will automatically receive roaming updates and what not. Thanks, largosama!

    Reported Problem: TB stuck in 1x.
    Solution: Try one or more of the following:
    1. Make sure your battery cover is on. The battery cover is part of the antenna.
    2. Verizon tech support may need to reset your SIM (call them).
    3. Try a battery pull.


    Reported Problem: TB specs advertise 8GB internal storage but available storage is 2.41GB.
    No Solution: Tracking discussion here. <---- NEW 3/22

    Hardware complaints:
    03-18-2011 11:53 AM
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    The following settings, applications, usage levels, and recommendations, will directly affect how much power the TB consumes. Finding the right balance between functionality and energy use is up to you. There are many settings where I suggest turning off vibration. Leave them on - if you want to - but be aware that vibration requires power.

    If you scroll toward the bottom, you will also find an explanation and procedure for "bump charging" and a link to an external site that ran both OEM and 3rd party batteries through their paces. Results are worth a read.

    Settings > Sound Settings:
    1. Sound Profile: normal or silent.
    2. Vibrate: unchecked.
    3. Vibrate feedback: unchecked.

    Settings > Accounts and Sync:
    1. Background data: If this is selected, apps can send and receive online account information even if you are not currently using them.
    2. Auto-sync: If this is selected, everything listed below it will sync based on how you've configured it. If unchecked, you will have to manually sync each app.
    3. Under manage accounts, select each account (including weather, news, stocks) and modify their sync schedules.

    Settings > Display Settings:
    1. Brightness level: Drag the brightness slider to the left to decrease (lowest consumption) or to the right to increase the screen brightness (highest consumption). Auto brightness attempts to manage this for you based on lighting conditions.
    2. Screen timeout setting: The lower the better.
    3. On screen animations: turn off.
    4. Notification Flash: Turn off if not using.

    Settings > Wireless & Networks (most have widgets to control them):
    1. WiFi: Enable when WiFi connectivity is available. It consumes less power than the cellular data network (1x, 3G, or LTE).
    2. WiFi Settings: Open > click the menu capacitive button > then select advanced. If you click the pull-down menu, by default, it is set to never. Leaving it set to never is good. Otherwise, the phone will revert to the cellular data connection when the device goes to sleep, which consumes more power.
    3. Bluetooth: Uncheck when not in use.
    4. Mobile Hotspot: Uncheck when not in use. Plug the TB into a power outlet when using.
    5. Mobile network: Disconnects TB from Verizon's data network until you re-enable. Analogy: the equivalent of powering down your cable modem. If you do so, no application would be able to connect to the internet, but at least your modem would stop sucking up power. That said, WiFi will still work if enabled.

    Settings > Location Settings:
    • Location settings: It's a common misconception that checking one or more of these boxes increases battery consumption. It's the apps - that use GPS - that will affect battery consumption. Leave all of these checked if you have configured an app (like weather) or plan on using another app that uses GPS (like Nav). The GPS radio will only be active when these apps are in use.

    Settings > Power:
    • Enable power save: Check this and tweak the settings below it. Lots of good stuff in there.

    Settings > Language & Keyboard > Touch Input > Text Input:
    • Uncheck Vibrate when typing.

    1. Gtalk - by default it is set to automatically sign you in and will run in the background. This can disabled within the Gtalk settings.
    2. Mobile Hotspot - make sure you have your TB plugged in when in use.
    3. Navigation and/or VZ Navigator - when feasible, try to keep your TB plugged in when in use.
    4. Go through each and every app in your app drawer. If you see an app that looks like it might access the internet periodically, then open it up and see if there are settings to control update frequency. Examples: Friend Stream, Mobile IM, Peep, etc.
    5. Widgets that display battery, CPU, and memory utilization will consume more power because they are polling the system for information.
    6. Live wallpapers consumer more power than standard wallpapers.
    7. Wallpapers/apps: the color white consumes more energy than the color black.
    8. Task Killers: If you can't resist the temptation to use a task killer, please use extreme caution. Task killers - although unecessary - can be used to safely close applications that you have installed. Where they become problematic, is when you use them to close pre-installed apps or services. In many cases, these services and/or apps, have dependencies on other services/apps. Closing one could have an undesirable affect on another. There are others that the OS or HTC relies upon in order for things to work properly. If it senses it is no longer functioning Android will try to restart it. A war breaks out and the battery is the loser.

    What is and how do I Bump Charge?

    I first heard about bump charging back in the early days of owning the Incredible. I read a thread starting with this post and decided it wasn't something I wanted to do. That's just me though, and I realize it's a popular thing to do. That said, here is how it's done:
    1. Power up (if not already) and plug your TB into a power source. As the battery is being charged, the notification LED shows a solid orange light.
    2. Wait until LED is solid green, indicating it is fully charged.
    3. Unplug, press and hold the power button, and select the option to power off.
    4. Once powered down reconnect power source.
    5. The LED will show a solid orange light again, indicating it is charging.
    6. Once it's green, unplug the TB and use the power button to power up up the TB.
    7. Once Sense has loaded plug the phone back in again. You will notice that the LED is now orange again.
    8. Repeat steps 3-7 process until the light is green immediately upon plugging it back in (approximately 3-4 times).

    Other considerations that impact battery life:
    • Frequent web browsing.
    • Voice call frequency.
    • Weak coverage areas and/or searching for signal.
    • Fringe 3G/1X/4G areas where there phone bounces back and forth between each.
    • If you are in a 3G only coverage area, the fact that 4G is a feature of this phone, does not mean battery is being impacted. In fact it isn't any more than when you are in a 1X only coverage area where 3G is available.
    • Overclocking (when available) will increase battery consumption.
    • High temperatures.
    • USB car chargers only output 500mAh - regardless of their rated output. The TB will see it as a USB host (like a PC/laptop) and will not draw any more power than that. Use a 1A car charger like this $5 charger from Motorola. The Verizon charger is rated at 750mAh out. If you're in your car using Nav or more, 750mAh will not keep up. The wall charger pushes 1A - get a car charger that matches.
    • There are probably tweaks that HTC will be able to make to enhance battery life, but the real culprit is battery technology has not evolved as fast as the functionality of the modern smartphone's. We are now driving the equivalent of a Ferrari with a 2-gallon gas tank.

    3rd Party Battery Test Results:
    • These results do not include testing for any TB OEM or 3rd party batteries. However, it is still an informative guide as to how well each of these batteries fared under testing.
    03-20-2011 10:53 AM
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    This thread is now open for posting, and I'd like to solicit everyones help in keeping it up to date.

    This is not a catchall thread used to discuss every single problem the TB has. Imagine trying to read through pages of that

    Each disparate problem/solution is worthy of its own thread. The intent of this thread revolves around post #1, which is meant as more of an index and a supplement to the Search button. With that in mind:
    • Only post additional problems/solutions.
    • If you discover inaccurate information or invalid links, please post them here.
    • Posts with questions on how to solve a problem will be deleted.
      We still love you, but will love you more if you post in an existing thread, or start a new one if one doesn't exist.
    • Do not answer questions in this thread. You're awesome for wanting to though.
    • The intent of post #1 is not to provide detailed procedures on how to solve a problem. If too much detail is required, I will summarize the fix and then link to the post with more detailed information. If that post is in this thread, I will link to it. It keeps the first post clean (more like an index) and directs credit where credit is ado. And yes, my battery solutions list breaks that rule. I will fix that.

    If you are contributing to this thread, and see a post that does not meet the above criteria, please use the report post button to report it. When prompted to explain why you are reporting the post, just say something like "this post does not meet the criteria specified in post #3" or something to that affect. Do NOT call anyone out for doing this. If someone reports you, you will not get in trouble (unless you're violating a forum rule). This request is mostly for housekeeping purposes.

    If you do contribute to this thread, you're freaking awesome. Threads like this are too difficult to maintain by one or two of us, but they are invaluable for those looking to scan over before they go searching and digging to far.
    03-20-2011 10:53 AM
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    Reported Problem: No toggle switch for 4G. Worried this affects battery life.
    Solution: It does not affect battery life if you are in a 3G area and cannot get a 4G signal. There will be an update that enables a toggle at a later time.

    You can turn off 4g but its not as quick as a toggle.

    Dial *#*#4636#*#*

    Choose Phone information.

    Scroll down and change "CDMA+LTE/EvDo auto" to "CDMA auto (PRL)
    03-20-2011 07:26 PM
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    I found an app here from another forum - droid-life maybe?? Can't remember.
    It's called: Phone Info ~ Android Application v1.3 By SC@Taiwan | Tools which is a toggle for all the types of networks. I am using it now with no ill effects. I want to take a little more time to decide if it has an effect on battery life, but it gives the ability to turn it off if you want.
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    03-20-2011 07:41 PM
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    link to the app in the android market https://market.android.com/details?i...=search_result
    03-20-2011 10:41 PM
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    Phone Info Is a Shortcut for dialing *#*#4636#*#*

    Works Well im in a 4G Area. Im doing an Experiment tomorrow. And im Disabling 4G all Day to see what I get. I cant seem to go more than 5 hours before having to recharge again.
    03-21-2011 12:21 AM
  8. Cory Streater's Avatar
    Thanks everyone for verifying the Phone Info app. I'll get it added to the list.
    03-21-2011 09:50 AM
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    In response to TB stuck in 1X:

    I travel daily from my home which is in 1X extended network to work which is in 4G. When traveling home (4G -> 1X) the phone hands off just fine and I never lose connectivity. When traveling to work (1X -> 4G), the phone will stay in 1X and not hand off to 4G.

    I found that by enabling Data Roaming, I was able to get the phone to hand off from 1X to 4G just fine.
    03-21-2011 11:45 AM
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    Quickest way to turn off 4G
    Hold down on empty spot on one of your home screens
    Widgets>Settings>Mobile Network

    Bam done no mobile network, you dont need it for phone calls or text, and when you need it click on it and it comes on
    03-21-2011 12:16 PM
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    Does anyone know how to get your gmail emails to synch more frequently...show that it shows you've received a gmail email notification in status bar as soon as you get one????
    Gmail should be push. You're not going to get it any faster than that.
    Bluetooth - I turn the volume all the way up but it just seems way too quiet. I used the same headset on my LG Versa and it was fine. Now, I can barely here the other person. Any suggestions?
    These posts do not comply with the rules set-forth in post #3 above. You questions may be relevant (in fact they are), but questions and answers are not the intent of this thread. Find an existing thread on these topics, or start a new one if you can't find one.

    I've removed names from the posts I quoted.


    03-21-2011 01:11 PM
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    Problem: There is a hissing sound in the background when making calls on many phones
    Solution: Turn on hearing aide support and the hiss goes away

    After enabling hearing aid mode, the hiss is gone, but you can no longer adjust volume.
    03-21-2011 02:07 PM
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    Reported Problem: Recipients of text messages are not seeing your cell phone number. Instead they seem coming from from your IMSI.
    Solution: TBD. Either check this post for updates, or follow along here <CLICK ME>.

    same thing happened to me at first all i had to do was power off my phone and power it back on and it worked fine after
    03-21-2011 02:28 PM
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    gonna try that method of bump charging.
    03-22-2011 03:37 PM
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    FWIW, I just found an app causing major drain. Flickie HD WallPapers

    That damn thing for some reason causes some sensor to run 24/7. I had GREAT battery life yesterday, but today was crap. I could not find anything acting funny until I checked spare parts under sensor usage and found Flickie had been running a sensor since all day. right when I saw it I knew that was it. Last night before I went to bed I signed opened Flickie and accepted the terms of service. I actually downloaded it several days ago but had not opened it. So anyway if you're running this app look out It was a KILLER. I uninstalled it and all is back to normal.
    03-22-2011 06:03 PM
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    I had the 1X issue, tried all the suggestions, when I called Verizon they said it wasn't in their procedure to reset the simm card. I ended up factory defaulting my phone and the 3g/4g came right back up.
    03-22-2011 11:28 PM
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    Just some help from a friendly neighborhood Verizon Tech Support agent:

    Problem: Firstly, as already stated, *228 activated is not required for the Thunderbolt or any future 4G device. In fact, in can be outrightly detrimental. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO DIAL *228 FROM THE THUNDERBOLT!!! If *228 is dialed it is SUPPOSE to automatically disconnect the call. However, we have been seeing several cases where is does not. If that happens, it renders the 4G SIM useless and locks the device in 3G mode. Sadly, some of our retail reps did not get the memo about this in time and were dialing *228 for customers buying it. *facepalm*

    Resolution: If you dial *228 and it does not disconnect the call, then you likely have just ruined your SIM. Do not worry, we replace them for free. Fastest route is to check with your local direct VZW retailer, or call Tech Support and we'll mail one out free of charge. A long-term fix is in the works.

    Problem: We have reports of include delayed activations taking up to 20 minutes or more.

    Resolution: If your Thunderbolt does not appear to be activating correctly:
    1. Power down device
    2. Remove battery
    3. Remove SIM
    4. Carefully reinsert SIM
    5. Reinsert battery
    6. Ensure battery door is securely snapped on with no gaps.
    7. Power device back on

    If you are like me and added a new line on your account in order to upgrade to the Thunderbolt early, please note that your SIM is fixed to the mobile number to which it was originally assigned. In order to swap it to your line, we need to program you a new SIM. This is free, and can be done either by visiting a direct VZW retail location or by calling Tech Support and having us order you a SIM assigned to the line on which you want your Thunderbolt activated.

    The 4G/1XRTT hand off issue previously mentioned is a slight design flaw in network architecture. We will likely have a firmware patch out soon to fix the issue. Hopefully. :-/

    The issue where sent SMS appear to recipients as from the IMEI/IMSI numbers has no actual fix as of yet, but the previous steps above of removing/reinserting SIM I have found to fix the issue. The issue is happening becuase with 4G, your mobile number is attached to your SIM, not your device as it was before. There is a programming glitch where your IMEI/IMSI number gets confused with your mobile number. If the remove/reinsert SIM does not work, we would likely replace the SIM for you.

    I'm happy to hear how many people love the Thunderbolt! It is definitely an exciting step for us, and forgive any reps you talk to that are still a little unsure of what to do with Thunderbolt issues. Its new to us too!
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    03-23-2011 04:25 AM
  18. realitydigg's Avatar
    Seen in the forums.
    Problem: Missing "Car Panel" icon in the app drawer.
    Solution: search for car panel (magnifying glass icon in the bottom right) and the application will show up. You can click on it and use it, but cant make a shortcut easily
    03-23-2011 08:22 AM
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    Thanks for the additional info guys. We'll get it added.

    Air Force One: that's great to know. I do have a blurb about Live Wallpapers in the batterypost above. For now, I'm going to leave specific apps (outside the stock apps) out of the first post. This is more of a "problems with the tbolt" out of the box kind of thread.

    Again, thank you.

    03-23-2011 11:04 AM
  20. Jawcl's Avatar
    IMDb doesn't work on the ThunderBolt either, I tried it and it crashes after around 15 seconds of use.
    03-23-2011 11:38 AM
  21. jgang06's Avatar
    Im not sure why all of you say leaving wifi on is the best option. I left my wifi on and it destroyed my battery this morning. I use spareparts and it said wifi was 74.4% of battery use. Is this legit?
    03-23-2011 11:54 AM
  22. corn4ahead's Avatar
    It has been off the charger since about 7:30am. It is now 12:30pm. Down to 43%. This is killing me.
    03-23-2011 12:25 PM
  23. trusteelfan's Avatar
    My thunderbolt has been off the charger for over 4 hours now and im still around 90% battery. Here is what I have changed to make my battery last.
    First I turned off the LTE service through the dialer instructions in this link.

    Also under location in the settings I turned off the VZW location service. There are 3 location settings there. VZW, standalone GPS, and Google location.
    That was all. It seems like the VZW location runs constantly.

    I changed these setting yesterday afternoon and my battery lasted the rest of the day. I unplugged in again this morning around 4 hours ago and its still going strong. Someone try this and verify that it works.
    03-23-2011 01:15 PM
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    The problem I am having now after root is, it will not find my location for updating the weather widget. The clock is sometimes 4-5 hours off until it finally refreshes. Any fix?
    03-23-2011 01:58 PM
  25. AlpineM3#AC's Avatar
    Can somebody please help me figure out why it is that my Apple hands free earphones that I use to be able to speak through on my DInc does not work anymore....I turned bluetooth on and still people can't hear me on the other end. This is a huge necessity out here in L.A and with all the driving I do. Thank you in advance
    03-23-2011 03:47 PM
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