01-08-2016 11:06 AM
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  1. Chris Larson2's Avatar
    I just did the same damn thing!!
    08-24-2014 05:42 PM
  2. Luis Quiroz1's Avatar
    so if i put the numbers 1111 in my verizon tablet it will stop asking for SIM PUK pin ,please reply because i only have 1 more chance to put the pin
    01-24-2015 08:14 PM
  3. Luis Quiroz1's Avatar
    So the pin is 1111 please reply the same thing is happening to me and only have one more chance to put the SIM PUK PIN IN
    01-24-2015 08:18 PM
  4. New Moukdavun's Avatar
    They might give you the SIM code if you ask for it... but the PUK code is not the same... it's a code to UNLOCK the SIM if you accidentally screw up entering the SIM code. The rep told me they don't give out the PUK codes... they seemed kind of clueless about SIM cards though, maybe since Verizon has not used them for very long?
    01-08-2016 11:06 AM
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