1. Marko343#AC's Avatar
    I called verizon to get a early upgrade because I went through 10-12 storm 1's and 2's in the past 2 years. Not sure if I'll be getting it for sure but it's looking good. I've been stalking AC for a while now, since the DX came out and been wanting a android for a while.

    I threw my Storm 2 at a wall 2 weeks ago and picked up a used Inc, had constant reboots for the first week to the point I had to pull the batt to stop the cycle. Then it wouldn't boot past the first splash screen. Called friday and started the process for the thunderbolt, awaiting mgr approval Mon morning to see if I get it. Went into a VZW store today and they're sending me a new Inc also under the 1 yr mfr warranty.

    Sorry for the extended back story, My Question is if I do get the Tbolt and the battery issue is to much for me(I've been happy with the Inc for the week I had with pretty heavy use and the constant rebooting which I imagine wasn't helping battery).

    IF they give me the upgrade and the Tbolt and I return it does that upgrade go back onto the account if I don't get something else right away?
    03-28-2011 12:48 AM
  2. joncat84's Avatar
    No it wont keep you eligible to upgrade BC it will simply revert you back to whatever your upgrade date was before they made the exception which was not eligible. I will also be surprised if they let you switch to a thunderbolt so I wouldn't get my hopes up. Did you upgrade to the incredible? Or buy a used one.
    03-28-2011 08:22 AM
  3. dubge's Avatar
    Yes if you return it you will still have an upgrade for another phone, not sure if they will make you wait for your original upgrade date or let you switch to another phone. When are you eligible for an upgrade? How far off are you?

    I was due up for mine in August but they gave it to me now as well as my NE2 credit.
    03-28-2011 09:26 AM