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    so an update on the problems we discussed in the above thread... just a recap:
    Location services in the East Texas area have been out since mid april (not necessarily just the thunderbolt, but especially the TB). Multiple forums have reported the issue, as well as many of us here. see above link. I have called multiple times for this issue to see if there has been any resolution or if there was any progress on identifying the issue. NOTHING ... until tonight.

    I called in for my rebooting issue (i thought i was immune to the reboot bug, but over the last 2 days i have gotten multiple reboots). I was escalated to tier 2 support and was asked to do a factory reset. Which i did.... while i was waiting on it to finish, i asked the tech about the gps issue. He said he didn't know anything about it. Looked thru the notes on my account. The issue occurred at the same time as the towers in our area were "merged" from alltel to verizon. I told him what i had been told about that causing the issue. He giggled and said that gps is seperate from the towers. I told him i had questioned that myself, but since all the phones (bb, android, etc.) at the store and my family were having the issue, i didn't think it was just a TB issue. He said that the update recently was supposed to fix it. After the factory reset i tried the maps and still nothing... off by a long ways and dropping in and out. He then thought i had a bad gps. I told him that it was not just my phone. 2 other phones in my family (Blackberries now upgraded to android phones) are having the issue also. He then did a search in their system and thru the notes in my account. He said that there was nothing showing in VZW system about this. He then "googled" it after suggesting he put me in contact with google to "fix" their maps. He then said "holy cow", there are people all over east texas reporting the issue online, even our own forums. He then said he would escalate the issue to the engineers and note my account (also noted my kids' accounts as they are having the same issue) so if it persisted, they would have a record.

    2 hours later, while setting up all the stuff on my phone again, suddenly... my gps locks. It is back to where it was before the issue started. Locks instantly, and location is completely accurate.

    I am wondering if there was something not set up with their end and when someone finally took notice and sent it up the ladder it got corrected. Is anyone else in the east texas area that was having location issues now getting a good lock?
    05-24-2011 08:44 PM