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    So I download from the Android market, I download from Amazon App Store (the free stuff). I'm rooted and do a lot of phone wipes and reloading my of my apps. Sometimes my Amazon apps link to the Android market, they show up looking for updates. I try to be very careful and break Android market links to the Amazon apps. Obviously this is very tedious and get harder as I acquire more. I've tried updating before by accident and I kept getting errors, and then I realized it was an Amazon app. I don't know if other work. I don't know if it's okay or what the complications are here.

    Also, can I link free apps to the market even if I didn't download it from the market? Like my friend sent me Aqua Pets, can I link it to the market so I can get updates, or do I need to uninstall and download it from the market?

    Anyone have this issue? Any input on the subject would be greatly appreciated.
    06-06-2011 09:44 PM
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    How about AppBrain, how does it work? Is it connected to the Android market or is it it's own? No issues with apps linking to the wrong market?
    06-07-2011 12:00 PM

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