1. bulldogmoe7's Avatar
    clear this up for me. why is it that other phones running the android OS get updates and some dont? what is the difference in each OS (operating system)? why does the thunderbolt for example get shafted on some updates and upgrades while others running the exact same OS get the "new" updates ex. GB?
    i dont get it. like how can the incredible 2 run netflix with the android OS but the thunderbolt cant? what is the difference? they are both buy HTC
    06-16-2011 08:43 PM
  2. rsk2mc's Avatar
    Netflix never said it couldn't run on tb in fact I have it on my tb they just didn't test it so they didnt make it . And for the os its because of the 4g and how complicated the ril is
    06-16-2011 09:21 PM
  3. JediJesus95's Avatar
    My theory is Verizon is holding back 4g phones from getting Netflix so their LTE network won't crash.
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    06-16-2011 09:33 PM
  4. traumahawk's Avatar
    OS is all based on the same thing. yes. Vanilla Android by Google. (the same Android being used by the devs of Cyanogenmod via the AOSP project). The updates for the base OS is out there. Then devs have to integrate their customization (such as Sense in HTC phones, Touchwiz on Samsung, etc etc), carrier specific programs, security features, and other modifications, and they have to make it run on each specifit device. At its heart- the OS on my Viewsonic G-tab is the same as the one on my Thunderbolt. HOWEVER, the entire surface of those OS's had to be restructured to meet the specifications and functions of each device. Its not a fast process, especially for companies with many devices, and reputations and warrantys to stand behind (bad/buggy OS release could mean bricked devices, warranty exchanges, bad PR, etc etc... all of which hurt their profits, which is, after all, why they're in business to begin with).

    And netflix DOES run on thunderbolt. I was watching it tonight at work. You DO however have to root it and install a gingerbread based rom on it. I'm using gingeritis 1.0, and when rooted and updated properly, the risks of bricking are almost absent, and the benefits are well worth it.

    bottom line- if you dont like the features available on the OS on your phone you have several options; go buy another device, root it and install a rom with the features you do like, learn to be a dev and make your OWN rom, or just quit QQing about wanting the super super latest thats only available on a few devices. It'll come to yours, eventually, if its capable or running whatever it is you want. You opted to own a device thats on the leading edge of consumer technology, having to wait for releases is an unwritten part of the contract you signed the day you decided to buy a premium device.
    06-16-2011 09:42 PM
  5. traumahawk's Avatar
    My theory is Verizon is holding back 4g phones from getting Netflix so their LTE network won't crash.
    what they SHOULD be worried about is us rooted users with unthrottled 3g connections that are capable of using wifi hotspot for free and streaming netflix and music... all of which work perfect with a decent 3g connection. I havent even seen 4g in my area yet.
    06-16-2011 09:44 PM
  6. bman123's Avatar
    See my 3g is slow but my 4g is fast. I don't think I've hit 1mbps on 3g but on 4g I get 5-12mbps avg
    06-16-2011 10:53 PM
  7. bulldogmoe7's Avatar
    ok i understand that each operator (verizon, att, tmobile) install "their" stuff just like HTC, samsung, LG,...
    but the base is still the android OS.
    so yes i understand that with a rooted phone, which i am REAL close to doing WILL run all this software like "netflix, GB" and other things. so if it works rooted why cant they get it to work on unrooted phones?
    the knowledge is out there to do this stuff its proven. i guess in a way i dont understand why rooted phones will work with stuff that unrooted canted and why the same company "verizon" can get for example netflix on the DINC.
    i am just using netflix as an example
    06-17-2011 01:15 PM