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    I am posting to get an idea of whether or not I am the only schmuck with these problems on the Verizon G2. I've seen a few posts about these two issues, but not much detail about what the causes might be. So, I'm including info about my phone and observations about the problems. Any input on how common these problems are and/or help on how you fixed your problem (not workarounds) would be great.
    The phone:
    VS980 4G
    Hardware version: Rev. 1.0
    Purchased: 10/10/13
    Android: 4.2.2
    Software: VS98011A (stock)
    The GPS issues:
    GPS locking is very slow compared to the HTC Evo.
    When in Google maps (version 7.3.0), the arrow does not point in the direction I'm traveling. It points in a random, but not changing direction. The direction arrow is constantly and consistently incorrect. When I'm in a moving car, the blue dot is (usually, but not allways) on the road, but the blue arrow is pointing off to the side.
    When in GPS Status (version 4.3.78), the number of satellites is usually between 20 and 27, but the number of fixed takes a long time (this is all compared to my HTC Evo). When the phone wakes, the position lock is also slow.
    When in GPS Status (version 4.3.78), the compass randomly has a seizure. As if something suddenly indicated that North was 20 degrees to the West. Then it recovers. This happens a few times during satellite locking. This did not happen on my Evo.
    Voicemail issues:
    I have basic voicemail (by the way, with Sprint, Visual Voicemail was included in the basic plan, so this was a bit of a shock when I ported the number. Who would have thought? It reminds me of having to pay extra for DTMF when there were still rotary phones around.
    I opted out of the free trial of Visual Voicemail. I had to do this by disabling wi-fi and hitting the buttons to this effect.
    The subscription settings do not seem to stick in the voicemail app (note that the app is called 'voicemail' not 'visual voicemail' or 'non-basic, confused voicemail')
    When I start the voicemail app from the shortcut on the home screen and I'm on wi-fi, following occur in order:
    A dialog saying "Connecting... please wait" and then
    A dialog saying "Visual Voice Mail subscription error" "Please turn off Wi-Fi network to complete the subscription process."
    Of course, I have "completed the subscription process" 5 times on different occasions (usually when I have voicemail) to no avail.
    When I am in the phone app, there is a voicemail icon in the lower right. This button apparently does not call voicemail, but starts the voicemail app. That does not help me since the same error occurs every time I'm on wi-fi.
    GPS and voicemail issues-voicemail-button.jpg
    I can still dial *86 directly to get to voicemail
    I can still hit the "call voicemail" from the notification bar when I have voicemail
    I really just want the app to work properly. On my wife's Verizon Droid DNA, the voicemail app works without seeming to call the mother ship.

    I have tried rebooting the phone without helping the issue. Is there anyone else having either of these problems? If so, please let me know by replying in this thread. If you've managed to fix the problems, please post how you managed this special type of magic!

    By the way, if you drop the phone onto concrete and the corner hits, you are not having a good day. The screen cracks (which might be acceptable in a one day old phone) and the digitizer will no longer work (not so acceptable). LG is repairing it for $146 (not a warranty item of course). The phone I'm writing about above is actually my second LG G2 phone. I recommend an impact-attenuating case and insurance.
    10-30-2013 12:28 PM
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    I have also had intermittently slow and inconsistent GPS lock-on. I called up VZW and all they offered to help with was directions on how to dump Google Maps' cache, settings, and preferences, hoping that this would fix it. So far I haven't had any issues since that "fix" but I am extremely suspect
    10-30-2013 04:50 PM

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