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    I've had the LG G2 for a little over a month now and am already having issues. There is now a section toward the top of the screen that's about an inch tall and goes all the way across where the screen is just not responding. I opened the quick note app and tried drawing lines through it and the just skip right over the whole section of the screen. Didn't drop the phone or do anything, it just stopped working. Knock knock function is completely dead now, too. Has anyone else had this issue? Is it hardware or software related?

    It seems like this phone has a lot of issues. Does anyone know if I have insurance on the phone and I go in to replace it for being defective, if they'll give me a different type of phone? Because that would be ideal.

    01-06-2014 05:11 PM
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    I have always had the premium insurance plan with Verizon and almost every phone that I've owned has had an issue where I had to send it in for a warranty claim. The insurance from Verizon actually extends your manufacturers warranty and I never even had to pay a deductible for a certified replacement device and these were all phones I got second hand. Verizon is also really good at rushing you a replacement phone usually within the next day!

    Good luck!

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    01-06-2014 05:49 PM

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