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    I recently bought the lg g2. This is my second android phone. I had the Htc hero with sprint. Then switched to the Iphone 4 with sprint. Now I'm with verizon after 7 years with sprint. This is the best phone ive ever had. Only complaint is im paying the same price for 1 gig of data that i was paying for unlimited with sprint. I want to get the most out of this phone. I looked for a tips and advice type thread and couldn't find one.

    So i thought we could just use this thread. What things should i do to my phone to get the most out of the lg g2 experience ? Thank you
    01-21-2014 08:15 AM
  2. Gordo Allinson's Avatar
    Use the Volume Down button for taking photos rather than the on screen button, I find it tends to take quicker photos that way.

    Leave an icon space free on your home screens for the knock-knock-off feature.
    01-21-2014 04:05 PM
  3. dookie.'s Avatar
    Check XDA for this same thread...like 100 pages long.
    01-21-2014 04:21 PM
  4. BigRedMachine2014's Avatar
    01-21-2014 09:45 PM
  5. SactoKingsFan's Avatar

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    01-22-2014 03:11 AM
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    (1) press volume down + power buttons to take screen shot
    (2) install action launcher or Nova launcher
    (3) swipe from bottom edge of screen to access Google search, voice search, quick memo
    (4) long press an area while typing to view clip tray
    (5) get 50 GB free box cloud storage
    (6) long press toggle icons (top of notification panel) to view settings for specific toggle
    (7) short press volume down to silence incoming call

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    01-22-2014 03:28 AM

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