1. mcdonsco's Avatar
    I just got the LG G2 and I LOVE it except it apparently doesn't include an SPP Bluetooth profile so now pandora in my car just shows "disconnected" (but plays) on my Kenwood DNX9990HD...My previous phones, all of them, gave me full pandora controls on the pandora screen on my Kenwood, the LG G2 since it doesn't have SPP doesn't.

    Kenwood support was no help (other than pointing out the SPP thing) and LG was absolutely no help ("doesn't work and we don't care" - Essentially).

    Anyone know of a way to ADD SPP Bluetooth support on this phone?

    01-21-2014 06:51 PM
  2. dstackmasta27's Avatar
    I haven't looked around for a solution to the Pandora specific issue, but I have researched something similar for the Spotify app. You can read about it here. I would be surprised if someone hasn't come up with a similar solution for Pandora. I seem to remember reading something or another about since Google doesn't release Android with 1.3 bluetooth the app devs on some of the bigger projects don't bother to include it in their code, but then the phone manufacturers in their hacks at the OS, or the providers with their hacks can add it back in (for instance I know that the VZW G2 has the proper version of BT because I can skip songs with my steering wheel controls, and my notifications display on screen if they come through while I stream.)
    01-26-2014 01:24 AM

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