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    I just moved over from a DROID 4 (rooted) to an LG G2 (rooted). I am using Titanium Backup (free version).
    On the DROID 4 when I connect the phone via a USB cable to my Windows XP machine the phone appears as 3 additional hard drives under MY COMPUTER.
    One for the motocast software, 2nd for the internal DROID 4 memory and the 3rd for my SD card.
    On my SD card is in a folder called abt is where all my Titanium Backup files were for example
    - com.lucasarts.tinydeathstar_goo-20140214-053421.properties
    - com.lucasarts.tinydeathstar_goo-20140214-053421.tar.gz
    I could then just copy and paste the entire abt folder to my computer as a backup.

    On the LG G2 when I plug it into the PC I have 4 options on how to connect:
    1) charge with USB phone [Windows won't see the phone]
    2) Media Sync (MTP)
    3) Internet connection [???]
    4) Camera (PTP) [Windows just shows me all the pics on the phone]

    #2 is what closely resembles what the DROID 4 does on my computer.
    However instead of appearing as an additional hard drive it appears as a 'portable device'.
    When I open it via MY COMPUTER I can see the majority of my files (pictures, pdf files, ringtones, music, videos) but when I go to the TitaniumBackup folder there is nothing in it (at least when I look with my PC).

    If I use the file manager on the phone it does see all the files.
    So what am I doing wrong? Am i missing some drivers perhaps?

    I would like to be able to transfer those TB files to my PC for storage purposes since the LG G2 has no external SD card.
    The way around this right now is for me to FTP them to a file server from the phone and then FTP them again from the file server to my PC.
    02-14-2014 12:22 AM

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