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    This is for a friend that has limited tech experience and I am not able to be around to reflash and re-root the device if necessary.

    Phone was previously rooted and TWRP. I made a nandroid of the original factory settings after it was rooted and had originally had a custom rom--SlimKat installed. He didn't care for it, so I had him boot into TWRP and revert to the stock rooted Nandroid backup that I had made and life was good.

    He got the OTA update tonight and is telling me that the phone just gets stuck on the TWRP screen. If he reboots, it will go back to TWRP and will not bootup.

    Is there an easy fix? Did the new OTA also update the bootloader (not sure) and/or remove root (probably did). Will he still be able to revert back to the original nandroid that I had saved for him?

    Just trying to get the phone to boot up normal, so he can use it until I have a chance to have a look at it.
    04-23-2014 11:11 PM

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