1. jimbo1mcm's Avatar
    Coming from various phones, (Ip4, S3, Ip4s,S4, Ip5 and Ip5S), I now have the LG G2. This phone is really, really superior in so many ways to the Iphone 5S and other Android phones, but from the press and pundits, you would never know it. What will it take for LG to convince the reviewers and buyers that the coming G3 will be the top phone of the year? Is the problem that they don't spend enough on advertising? Samsung ads are everywhere, same for Apple. For those of us who have the phone, we realize how good the G2 is and probably the G3 will be better. LG has to ramp up advertising and get the reviewers on their side.
    05-01-2014 02:25 AM
  2. Brad Steele's Avatar
    They just need to support more phones with more updates.

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    05-01-2014 03:16 AM
  3. scottcraft's Avatar
    If LG keeps putting out good phones like the G2 and updates them in a timely manner they will get more of the market. I think they are headed in the right direction.
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    05-01-2014 05:53 PM
  4. Joseph Coates's Avatar
    I was leery of getting an LG phone. I thought about the S4 and the Moto X but the G2 seemed to have everything I wanted and some cool features. People seem to blast LG's UI, but they all sort of suck. LG isn't the best but it isn't offensive. If it stays nice and doesn't turn to junk like my HTC Thunderbolt did, I'll get another.
    05-01-2014 08:19 PM
  5. Kilroy13's Avatar
    Im a new convert to lg, been an htc fanboy for awhile! Just upgraded to a g-flex and im amazed! I love their skin!

    05-01-2014 10:36 PM
  6. anon6002755's Avatar
    Loved my g2. I sometimes look across the too with envy at it. But I think the biggest issue is they have a reputation of very slow or no updates. The g2 was my favorite Android phone. They don't seem to advertise as much Samsung or apple either. Outside of those two though there is a huge drop off in market share for everyone so that may be the biggest differentiator.

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    05-01-2014 11:13 PM
  7. scottysize's Avatar
    This is my first LG phone and I'm sold. I am now impatiently waiting for the G3... Come on LG! Bring me my new G3!
    05-02-2014 12:06 PM

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