1. Anthony from Kyiv's Avatar
    Hello, guys
    Have some troubles with LG G2 VS980.
    Today bought pre-owned VS980 and doesn't take a look at charger. Went to home, want to charge G2 and found out that it is charger for american sockets, not european (yeah, I know, I'm ***** cause didn't check it before buying). I don't have adapter so decided to charge via USB. Plugged-in to the from USB, but nothing happened - PC doesn't recognized phone and after couple of minutes just turned off (!).
    I became a bit nervous and start a topic at other forum where people adviced me to usee my old charger from Gsmart1345.
    Charger specs:
    ~0.3A 50-60Hz
    5V - (here goes different symbol but i think you've got the point) 1.0А MAX

    So I tried to use old cherger but after couple of minutes nothing happened and I tried charging by USB but not the front. Now computer didn't turn off but phone are still silent. I just getting vibration when try to turn it on.
    Here I am. It's too late to go to service center, so I'm about to try charge it again using socket but for more time - at least for 30 mins, as someone recommended. Any other ideas about how to fix this problem?
    02-27-2015 01:14 PM
  2. Ronnie2's Avatar
    Try plugging in the cord you got with the G2 in the older charger. The G2 and G3 don't like to charge with older power cords. Your best bet would be buying a new charger (1.5 amps or more) and using the cord that came with the phone.
    02-27-2015 04:03 PM
  3. Anthony from Kyiv's Avatar
    Tried yesterday, same s*it. Going to take phone to a service center, let's see what they say...
    02-27-2015 11:51 PM

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