1. jdtftp1's Avatar
    Does this have jelly bean on it or is there any update on when? I fell in love with google now and will miss it if the intuition doesnt have it. I am not smart enough to root so thats out. Thanks for any input
    02-06-2013 02:45 PM
  2. ansa82's Avatar
    Still on ICS. I did hear we would get updated to jelly bean at some point (actually it said optimus vu) but I've not heard when. We can hope but I'm not counting on it. This phone has a real limited following.

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    02-09-2013 07:14 AM
  3. hokie_prof's Avatar
    I read somewhere that Verizon has control over whether or when the Intuition will get Jelly Bean. They get to release the update. Since the Optimus Vu is getting it, it makes sense that LG is making it available to us, too. We just have to wait on Verizon. That may take a while.

    It isn't the same as Google Now or Siri by any stretch of the imagination, but Assistant by Speaktoit is a fun alternative until we have Jelly Bean. The Assistant is like having a little digital person on your phone. She does get confused from time-to-time, but she can be helpful and amusing. If you want something more practical and less cheesy, the Maluuba: Siri Alternative is pretty good. Maluuba has a gorgeous interface, but it doesn't have the ability to speak to you vocally.

    I adore this phone. I think it has more fans than people realize. I see people Tweeting about it from time to time. I initially thought about getting the Galaxy S3 just so I could have Jelly Bean. In the end, I couldn't resist the quirkiness of the Intuition. Good luck with your decision!
    02-11-2013 07:33 AM

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