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    I have rolled with a motorola droid for two years and loved the thing. When it came time to upgrade, I wanted something with 4g so verizon suggested the Revolution. I got it on my 21st birthday and its worked fine. The battery life blows and is far worse than my Droid. But it had a lot of good features going for it so I thought i'd work with it.

    Well I was playing angry birds waiting for my boyfriend to get out of work and it died. It WAS really hot but i'm unsure if it was the heat because it was saying the battery was low. It might have been a combo of both. But I have it plugged into an outlet right now, and it will not turn on. My droid even if it died, it would still turn on while it was plugged in. This thing hasn't budged. I'm getting kind of worried because it IS a new phone and i'm afraid something is wrong already. I haven't even had it for a week.

    Has anyone else had this problem? Did it overheat or did the battery die? If its got serious issues, will I be able to return it? I'm kind of worried....
    08-21-2011 11:50 PM
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    Some phones will not activate the charging circuit if it is hot because charging causes more heat which in conjunction could cause damage. At that point if you plug it in, it will not charge but once it cools back down the charging circuit show start working. But that shouldnt take very long. If it has been a long period of time and it still doesn't come on then take it to your local store. Only having it a week or so they should give you another new phone if they can't make it work. Not sure about verizon but maybe after 30 days they start giving you referbs.

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    08-22-2011 12:03 AM
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    You could try a battery pull but since you've only had it a week, returning it might be the better option.
    08-22-2011 10:14 AM