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    Hopefully this thread can get a sticky from the mods-

    I would like this to become a known issues and fixes thread for our awesome phone, the Revolution!

    Please post in this format, "Issue #" (continue from the previous post, so the next issue number is 3)
    , and then "Fix" if you do not know a fix, please list what you have attempted to do that didn't fix the issue.

    Issue 1- Phone gets stuck "sending" text messages in low coverage areas. When you return to coverage, the phone will not send or receive any texts as it is still, for whatever reason, stuck sending the message you tried to push in a low coverage area. This problem is intermittent, as sometimes simply moving to the better coverage area will allow the message to send. Sometimes however you must move to the "fix."

    Fix- Move to an area with better coverage. Do not "delete" the sending message, simply switch to airplane mode, allow the error message to pop up about the message not being able to be sent due to the phone being in airplane mode, and then turn off airplane mode. The message will send as normal. You can do the same thing with a restart, but it'll cause you to lose some battery life.

    Issue 2- Phone will not send text messages above 160 characters when outside of the VZW network (roaming).

    Fix- Unknown. I have tried to download other messaging apps but it didn't seem to make a difference. I don't think I had this issue on other VZW phones, so I think it is something within the Rev's software. All I do is just ensure my texts are sent in smaller pieces if it would go over 160 characters and I am roaming.
    06-11-2011 11:04 AM