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    Doesn't look like there is a ton of action in here but, maybe someone will have an idea.

    My wife just got a Spectrum 2 and it is a very nice phone. It seems to have issues with SD cards though. The first card was a 16 GB model from her old phone. We put the card in and it was recognized fine for a little while. Then it wouldn't recognize it and said it was blank and needed to be formatted. I put the card in my PC and it said the same thing. I had to use some recovery software to get the files off of it.

    While I was working ont the file recovery I gave her another 16 GB card to use. This card was freshly formatted before inserting it into the phone. Now, this card worked fine for a few pictures and what not. Then my wife tried to take a few more pictures of our son a little later and got a message that the card was read only. A reboot fixed this but, any ideas or similiar issues with SD cards on others?

    01-12-2013 04:41 PM
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    Happened to my girlfriend's phone. It was an older sd card she had for a few years, and it fried in about 2 hours. It couldn't be reformatted or read by anything afterward.

    I gave her one that i'd purchased 2 months earlier, and that one has worked fine for the last two months.

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    01-12-2013 06:08 PM
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    Thanks for the reply. I guess we will just keep an eye on it and I'll make sure she backs up her files regularly, or find some app that does it automatically.

    I have a Galaxy Nexus also with GummyRom on it, great phone!
    01-12-2013 08:30 PM
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    Sugar sync is easy (my girl uses it), but I prefer just Google music and drive.

    As for the Nexus, i have only ever used paranoid, and never had a need to switch. Never even spent a day on stock.

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    01-12-2013 10:17 PM

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