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    Okay I scanned this forum and did not see a topic on this and I find these can provide some good information on apps.

    Best apps for me and this is not) exhaustive (some are free others are not
    aCalendar-It syncs with google calendar and has a very nice month view widget

    DropSync Pro-you pick folders on your note and the dropbox folder to sync with. You can then can use your file explorer to easily find them.

    Cardio trainer-helps me keep up with my exercise

    Lecture Notes-great all atound for taking notes with s pen and marking up pdf docs.

    I have more but that should start it!

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    I have a couple of more:

    NFC Retag paid-with this app you can program the nfc tag specifically, but the better use is the app scans the tag id and you can use the tag for what you need and someone else can use the same tag for a different function.

    Kingsoft Office free-i know the notes come with polaris, but kingsoft is just better all around and will not mess up the formatting plus the ui is very well thought out and its free!

    Evermote-i use evernote in conjunction with dropbox. I use evernote for refernce files like work references and quick reference guides. Files I change often like a work log, I put in dropbox.

    Drippler-not so much productivity but it has good reviews on android apps and phones etc.

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    Kinda still new to platform & forum - only had my note III for two weeks now, but wanted to chime in.....

    Other than a couple of games, I'm using/testing the following currently.

    Productivity apps:
    aWallet (password keeper)
    Clean Master (cleaner/task mgr etc)

    Social apps:

    (still not settled on a twitter app, don't care for official one , there seems to be many that have features I want BUT at expense of others. imho I think Tweetbot spoiled me & way I learned to interact w/ twitter, doesn't make me right, just what I got use to, so relearning methods - but he'll that's half the fun )

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