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    Helium will not backup app data on Motorola phones. My RAZR is rooted and I have made a backup using Titanium Backup Root. Can somehow use Helium to restore the backup made with Titanium as my Note 3 is not rooted? Both are Verizon Wireless versions. Or does anyone have any recommendations on how to achieve moving app data from the RAZR to the Note 3? Thanks .
    10-25-2013 01:28 PM
  2. dragonsamus's Avatar
    Root your note 3 then run a back up using titanium. Drag and drop your RAZR titanium back up onto your note 3 and restore the data. Then download TB restore fixer in the play store and run that after every time you restore app data using titanium.

    I transferred my app data from my HTC one to my note 3 this way.

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    10-25-2013 01:34 PM

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