03-31-2019 03:16 AM
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  1. Joep_v_Steen's Avatar
    Me again

    If people could sent me a couple of JPGs I can examine them and see if there's a common issue. if there is then I may be able to write and quad fix tool. If that's straight forward I will make it available for free. [email address redacted by Mod]
    01-08-2017 07:17 AM
  2. Dewayne Fontenot's Avatar
    Same here, i was hoping it was not my new 256gb SD card.
    I want to try using a 64gb just to make sure but now i am reading it is not just me. WHYYYYYYYY

    Well, maybe it's my SD card, but...

    over half of the pictures I take are unreadable - at least by external programs. The "Gallery" app shows an icon instead of an image on these "unreadable" images, but when I click on one of those icons (looks like a head and shoulders icon), the image is displayed full-screen. If I email the image to myself and try to open it on a Windows desktop, it doesn't open. I've tried Photoshop, ACDSEE, Windows photo viewer, etc, etc. Each program either displays a blank image or I get an error message.

    here's a sample of what these icons look like:
    Attachment 89256

    On the phone, if I try to open one of these "icon" images in Pixlr Express, I get an "Unsupported File" error. But, the Gallery app on the phone can view every one of these.

    Anyone else having this issue? Any solutions to be able to read these images??

    10-30-2017 04:31 PM
  3. Collin Honaker's Avatar
    I had the issue suddenly where I couldn't open files in gmail or outlook. what worked for me is settings>apps> and then click on Adobe, onedrive, whatever you use to open jpg and attachments and allowed all the permissions. how they suddenly got turned off I don't know but this fixed it for me. hope this helps
    05-21-2018 02:31 PM
  4. vishubaba's Avatar
    Hey Sir, Did you get any solution to the problem faced by you regarding the cirrupt jpg files, actually i am also facing the same issue. Please help me if you know anything.
    03-31-2019 03:16 AM
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